New augmented reality solution for toys and games manufacturers aims to drive sales

AR: engaging app targeting toy sales

AR: engaging app targeting toy sales

Augmented Pixels has launched an augmented reality solution for toys and games manufacturers, which aims to support an engaging shopper marketing strategy and increase sales in retail stores.

The iPad app solution, WarBot, takes the form of a challenging shooter game aimed at both kids and adults. The game is triggered by targeting the toy’s package and runs directly on the user’s iPad. The player will have to fight for his or her virtual live, evade machine gun bullets and missile in order to win a great discount for the chosen toy. The ability to enjoy interaction with a toy before the actual purchase dramatically increases the purchase likelihood, Augment Pixels claims. 

Use of Augmented Reality game WarBot is a highly effective way to interact with customers at the point of sale to run sales promotions and marketing activities for new games such as construction toys and action figures, the company said.

WarBot is based on the latest toys’ packaging recognition technology developed by Augmented Pixels. According to recent tests, the technology provides 20% to 30% faster recognition and more stable tracking than competitive solutions. With the technology it is possible to reach the realistic quality of the games and their easy implementation, said Augmented Pixels.

“It’s getting more and more challenging for brands to stand out from the competition to attract and keep customers’ attention and love. Augmented Reality has proved to be one of the most effective ways to engage customers at the point of sale,” said Vitaliy Goncharuk, CEO of Augmented Pixels.

“We believe companies will be amazed with the results Augmented Pixels technology can bring. This is especially a hot topic on the threshold of holiday shopping season.”

WarBot demo version for iPad is available on the Apple App Store.