New automated store occupancy control system set to save retailers millions every year


Video surveillance company Ocucon has launched a new technology that cleverly monitors the number of people going in and out of a store, automatically shutting the entrance when the occupancy threshold is met.

Occupi by Ocucon is a response to a growing need for controlled entry to retail stores during the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing has meant many retailers are spending thousands of Pounds a week per store on extra security personnel to manage store entrances and exits.

Occupi by Ocucon presents an opportunity for retailers to save millions of pounds per year and provides a return on investment that can be achieved within weeks.

The technology works on an automated traffic light system. Managers can set a maximum number of customers in their store, and when that is met, the traffic light system, visible to customers, at the entrance will turn red and the automatic doors will not open. Using Deep Learning technology to identify people and count them entering and exiting the store, the system allows for a fully automated, unmanned control over the store occupancy level.

Ocucon are providing a ‘Rapid Deployment’ solution that will be easy to install and configure. Occupi is controlled through a remote connection via the cloud, which allows individual store managers to change the occupancy level at any time, to respond to events on site and control the flow of customers. Signage will be provided to inform customers of the store and make them aware of how the system works.

Gary Trotter, co-founder of Ocucon, says: “I am thrilled to bring a truly innovative and beneficial product like Occupi by Ocucon to the market during this difficult time. We know that the crowd control measures in place in stores around the country will not go away any time soon, so this newly developed technology will help both customers and staff stay safe by adhering to social distancing guidelines, as well as helping save retailers millions of pounds for years to come.

“It is our goal to help retailers in these challenging times to reduce costs and improve customer safety. Our guided installation process means that Occupi will be remotely configured, monitored and controlled so managers can instantly set occupancy levels and start saving money straight away.”

The technology will be welcomed by retailers in the UK as they continue to manage the sale of food and essential supplies to the public while keeping customers and staff safe. Most stores that are still trading have crowd control measures in place, mainly in the form of manned entrances and exits, which increases the costs for retailers.

Occupi by Ocucon will reduce the need for staff to maintain access to the store, thus removing human error from occupancy levels.

Occupi by Ocucon will be available from the Ocucon website from 20 April.