New baby weaning app, Phoebe, aims to make it easy to wean your baby – the healthy way

Phoebe is an app that helps new parents approach the weaning challenge with confidence, offering the healthiest meal on the baby’s table. “Like buzzfeed’s tasty but for babies, minus the nasties and the ads,” say founders.

Phoebe features 50-file recipes on short videos that are designed for new parents with any cooking skills. More recipes are added weekly. Phoebe is carefully tested with other parents to help simplify the process of cooking during the weaning stage. All recipes are BLW (baby-led weaning) friendly but can be pulped to traditional weaning.

There are main categories: Mains, Snacks and Breakfasts but one can easily view recipes by recommended age (6, 8, 10 and 12 months old). An important feature is a filter for common allergies which is important for many parents these days. Allergies can make the weaning journey particularly hard. 

“I decided to give up allergens as Beatrice has been getting loads of allergic reactions and was at a loss what to cook. Then I remembered Phoebe and it is saving my life,” said Fiona Wood, mum of three, beta testing user.

Phoebe is available on the iPhone App Store for £5.99 and the main features are:

  • Easy to make baby-weaning recipes, on video. 
  • Designed for the weaning stage 
  • Simple ingredients only. 
  • Tested with our own children and other families


Ready-made foods could often come at a cost of unhealthy diet. Public Health England recently published a report on the poor products and labeling of commercial baby foods that can mislead parents. Phoebe founders decided to simplify the process of cooking healthy food during the weaning stage.

The founders conducted a research with 227 people to find that 95% of mums agree that home cooking is the healthiest option for babies. Mums would like to know what’s inside but time and convenience is a big problem, especially for working parents. These insights gave the founders a motivation to simplify home cooking.

Phoebe is the brainchild of Sarah Roesink and Spyros Zevelakis, who felt frustrated with the weaning resources online and decided to bring a better solution with their app.

“There is a wealth of information on the internet, but googling stuff can take too much of your sleep time as a mother,” says Roesink, co-founder. 

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to find trusted baby recipes that even dads can follow to help their partners?” says Zevelakis, co-founder.