New brand of healthy world food, Mini nom nom’s, poised for UK launch in Selfridges and Ocado

Mini nom nom’s, the new brand of healthy world food for kids and grown-ups is launching its eagerly anticipated range of meals on 7 August 2015, inspired from exotic locations and authentic cuisines from around the world. Just heat and serve in two minutes.

With no added sugar, salt, additives or preservatives, the authentic dishes are made with at least one of the five-a-day recommended fruit and vegetables and in some cases more than one. Mini nom nom’s claims it is breaking boundaries as the meals are not processed but instead have the essence of home cooking in every bite. This has been achieved under the guidance of culinary spice expert Emma Grazette, co-author and star, of book and TV Programme, Spice Trip. Every dish in the range has been expertly crafted with child friendly spices and quality ingredients that truly make the mouth water in anticipation. The new healthy food brand is the brainchild of entrepreneur Lisa Sohanpal and her husband Dr Imrat Sohanpal.

The five meals in the range inspired from world food include the Tiny Tagine from Morocco, the Little Laksa from Malaysia, the Tiny Thali from Southern India and two Tiny Tiffins from Northern India.

“The great thing about our meals is that apart from being good for developing bodies and healthy, they are compartmentalised into two courses and include a dip or chutney. This means children can enjoy exploring their food, mixing, pouring, dipping and sprinkling. It makes discovering new flavours a fun activity as well. These meals  are ideally suited to busy parents who want quick-to-prepare, healthy, fun food for their children,” said MD, Lisa Sohanpal.

“We had such phenomenal feedback in our early development stages from parents and the trade, saying that we really should be making these healthy, delicious meals for adults too, so that’s exactly what we did. We realised that adults also enjoyed and benefited from these meals so we are launching a version for grown-ups which is being sold through Selfridges and which is available online with Ocado. This is very exciting. The meals are larger portions and are every bit as tasty.”

The launch on 7 August 2015 will see the adult meals on the shelves of the foodhall in Selfridges in Bond Street, and the adult and children’s ranges will become available through Ocado, the popular online supermarket. To date, Mini nom nom’s has already won several internationally recognised awards such as Gold for Innovation at Lunch 2014, Best New Brand or Business, Best New Children’s Food 2015 and Best New Food Concept at IFE 2015. Mini nom nom’s was also semi-finalist in the Pitch to Rich contest, beating hundreds of brands to get to the final stages of Richard’s Branson’s high profile competition for investment. More recently, Mini nom nom’s has become a finalist in the Innovation category for the prestigious Food and Drink Federation Award. The winner will be announced on 7th September 2015.

With the meals now on the verge of being ready for the public to buy, after such a long build up in the press, Mini nom nom’s has also sponsored two marques at Jamie Oliver’s The Big Feastival event in the Cotswolds between 28-30 August. At this famous family event there will be plenty of Mini nom nom’s food to taste and fun family activities, all to celebrate the beginning of a new era in healthy world food that’s easy to prepare and extremely delicious.