New consumer analysis by Kantar Media TGI unveils seven British shopper types

Seven mutually exclusive groups of British shoppers, each built around their key grocery shopping traits, have been identified by Kantar Media TGI in its new Shopper Archetypes study.

It reveals factors other than saving are of significantly greater importance to the vast majority of consumers. 

Drawn in large part from Kantar Media’s TGI WHY Code metrics, which explain consumer choices, the new findings reveal the two archetypes for whom price and savings are the crucial drivers – Promiscuous Purchasers and Strategic Savers – account for 8% and 16% of British shoppers respectively. Combined, they represent under a quarter of shoppers, and this during an economic downturn when consumers are seeking to control their spending more than ever, researchers found.

The remaining three-quarters of shoppers include various groups of considerable size whose shopping habits are motivated by very different factors (eg quality of produce, convenience, ethical considerations); while there are also a fifth of shoppers who defy categorisation of their motivations altogether.

Among those for whom price is a secondary consideration, the Conscious Connoisseurs archetype includes 1.6m shoppers. This group have a passion for food and a keen interest in ingredients that can inspire their home-made culinary creations. Online marketers in FMCG might efficiently engage this group, with insights from Kantar Media Compete revealing 24% of online grocery shoppers search for recipe ideas, report researchers.

A desire for quality products also represents a particularly prominent driver in grocery shopping, the study found. Kantar Media’s TGI Shopper Archetype Quality Crusaders accounts for 14% of all shoppers (4.5m individuals) and their value is demonstrated by the fact they are over 40% more likely than the average shopper to spend over £90 a week on their regular main shop, whereas those driven by price and value are no more likely than the average to do so.

Richard Poustie, chief operating officer, Kantar Media TGI, said: “While all supermarkets will count consumers from each of the Shopper Archetypes among their customers to a greater or lesser extent, our insights show a focus on driving down prices is only likely to achieve real engagement among a modest proportion of consumers. All the while, this approach may alienate consumers from other potentially lucrative archetypes.”

“Price will always be a very important driver in grocery shopping decisions and has some influence on every shopper. However, our new Shopper Archetypes reveal factors like convenience and quality are even more important to huge proportions of shoppers. If marketers can be more canny about targeting different kinds of shoppers with a focus tailored to what drives their grocery shopping, then they stand to make real gains over their rivals.”

The Kantar Media TGI Shopper Archetypes’ seven mutually-exclusive of FMCG shoppers are:

·        Convenience Kings: Driven by convenience in general, locality, opening hours, parking, ease of use etc.

·        Ethical Empathisers: Driven by ethical considerations such as Fair Trade, animal welfare, protection of the environment

·        Accustomed Acquirers: Driven by routine, have narrow brand repertoire, more likely to be solus shoppers and tend to want to stick to tried and tested products / brands

·        Promiscuous Purchasers: Driven by value, bargain hunters, have large brand repertoires, don’t like the idea of sticking to only a few brands

·        Quality Crusaders: Driven by superior quality and happy to pay a premium for it

·        Conscious Connoisseurs: Savvy and passionate shoppers who get food knowledge from magazines, professionals, word of mouth, read ingredients and labels

·        Strategic Savers: Driven by lowest price to meet strict budget, attracted by sales and promotions, special offers and loyalty schemes