New energy cereal, Fuel, created to appeal to sports and fitness enthusiasts


Fuel: energy cereal

Fuel: energy cereal

Developers of a new cereal called Fuel claim it has been created to meet the needs of sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Available in Tesco stores, the cereal encourages buyers to ‘Fuel Your 10k Hours’, and by practising for that period of time an individual has the best shot at excelling in their chosen field.

It is currently on promotion at £2.00 in Tesco until 29 May 2012; and will go on sale in Sainsbury’s stores from June where it will also be on promotion from 25 July to 14 August 2012 with £1.00 off the normal RSP.

Fuel has been developed for the growing number of people taking part in sports such as triathlons, marathons and long distance road cycling to help sustain them through punishing training regimes and during the race itself.

It is described as an energy-packed breakfast granola loaded with large clusters of toasted oats and available in two flavours – Real Fruit and Chocolate Chunks.

Creator Barney Mauleverer is a devotee of extreme sporting challenges, having completed the grueling Marathon des Sables across the Sahara Desert, the Himalayan Marathon and, most recently, the Jungle Marathon in the Amazon.

Mauleverer said: “We have created Fuel because we were bored with what was on offer in the cereals category and specifically to meet the needs of today’s active people taking part in marathons, triathlons, mountain climbing as well as more traditional pastimes such as rugby, tennis and squash.

“An energy-packed cereal like Fuel will help give them the edge in their training regimes and in competition.”

Containing only natural ingredients, FUEL is rich in Vitamin B and E, high in fibre and contains guarana extract. It is a blend of both slow release and fast release energy providing an ideal start to the day.

Fuel is available in 400g packs and has a retail price of £3.29.