New England Seafood International brand, Fish Said Fred, launches on Ocado

New England Seafood International (NESI) has landed a game-changing chilled fish launch for its new brand, Fish Said Fred. For the first time in the UK consumers can buy chilled and responsibly produced ACS certified Sea Bream and Sea Bass. The four-strong line-up is available now from Ocado and includes: Sea Bass Fillets, Sea Bass with Lemongrass and Chilli Butter, Butterflied Sea Bass with Lemon and Parsley and Sea Bream Fillets. 

Research carried out by NESI highlighted that fish can often be seen as intimidating to shop for and a puzzle to navigate, and so Fish Said Fred was created to help take away the risk and confusion that shoppers can experience when buying fish. The new brand, inspired by NESI founder Fred Stroyan, has been developed with familiarity,  accessibility and simplicity in mind. Each pack contains two fillets of delicious tasting Sea Bass or Sea Bream and provides the perfect portion size for households. Each product has been carefully selected and prepared to make it incredibly easy to cook, with minimal fuss and no complicated or messy preparation required.  

Furthermore, with sustainability and responsible sourcing becoming increasingly important buying considerations for consumers, the team at NESI has worked closely with its Turkish farming partners to ensure all the products in the range have achieved the ASC certification. This certificate is proudly displayed on pack to give consumers further reassurance of the product’s high-quality and sustainability.  In fact, the Fish Said Fred Sea Bream is the first product of its kind to be ASC certified in the UK.  

“Our friendly attitude, approachable feel and ASC certification will ensure that the Fish Said Fred brand has wide-ranging consumer appeal,” said Josh Niemiec, brand manager, NESI. “We created Fish Said Fred to help make the consumer experience of shopping for and cooking with fish as simple and easy as possible. We are delighted to be launching in Ocado and we can’t wait to unhook our exciting marketing support programme which will get consumers really engaged through our boatload of online recipes, tips and inspiration.”

Product details

Sea Bass Fillets (180g) RRP £5.49, Sea Bass with Lemongrass and Chilli Butter (210g) RRP £5.99, Butterflied Sea Bass with Lemon and Parsley (225g) RRP £6.99 and Sea Bream Fillets (180g) RRP £5.49.