New fragrance subscription service, Parfumado, arrives from Amsterdam


After an overwhelming success in the Netherlands, Parfumado, an experimental fragrance service has expanded its offerings to the UK.

People tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to fragrance – there’s those who have a signature scent they won’t budge from and that becomes synonymous with their style and those who like to experiment. Hunting out scent start-ups, niche brands or even just new launches that are fresh to market, they love mixing up their fragrance wardrobe. However, flirting with fragrance on such a regular basis can become costly which is where Parfumado (pronounced: Parf-ooh-ma-doe) steps in. Set up by brother and sister team, Martijn and Floor van Rooy, their aim is to make the search for new scents easy, fun and affordable. Despite being a small start-up, Parfumado has already seen great success in the Netherlands and Belgium and now it’s time for the UK to get in on the action.

How it works

Giving you the opportunity to try out a new fragrance every four weeks for just £12.95, each month you’ll get
an 8ml travel-size scent popped through your postbox.
A subscription service that you can cancel at any time so you’re never tied in and with the option to pause or skip deliveries should you so wish, it gives you creative freedom to widen your perfume portfolio.

Showcasing over 450 scents including the big hitters like Tom Ford, Narcisco Rodriguez and Prada to the more niche brands such as AER, Montale and A.N Other, you can choose a fragrance based on curiosity if there’s one you’ve always wanted to try, or you can be guided by the sites AI algorithm. Based on a tailored 10-question quiz, Parfumado then creates a fragrance profile to suit you.

The more reviews you leave about perfumes you’ve tried, the more suggestions it makes which means you might end up trying scents you’ve never heard of but after a month of spritzing, you couldn’t live without. There’s also an ‘ask the experts’ service should you want some personal perfume advice and a Collections section on their website that signposts you to various collections whether that’s sustainable scents, ‘new in’ or perfumes that smell like spring.

With each 8ml spray enough to last 30 days based on an average four sprays a day, you should never have to worry about running out. You’ll also be sent a travel case with your first order which each fragrance will slot in and out of.

The inspiration

Pre-Parfumado, Martijn was working for a niche fragrance brand and came to realise that sampling fragrance was a crucial piece of the perfume puzzle – except it wasn’t being done in the right way. A quick spritz in a department store or tiny sample that runs out after a day or two doesn’t allow the user to experience the fragrance properly – on their skin, their clothes, during the day, when their out in the evening.

He believed that by making the sampling a stand-alone experience it would not only introduce customers to new brands but could be a way for new brands to enter the marketplace and build up recognition. He then began working with niche brands directly alongside a well-known perfumer to create the library of fragrances available on the site.

Floor joined her brother a few months later using her background of brand management and strategic know-how to handle the scale up of the business and the result was a carefully curated collection now known as Parfumado.

A new way to indulge

With technology on its way that will lead you to full-size bottles of your favourite perfumes and constant upgrades to improve the user experience, the beauty of being a start-up model means that Parfumado can evolve and grow in line with the customer and their preferences.

Also offering a refer a friend rewards scheme and gifting services so you can share the love, with 38% of Brits
already using a subscription service, Parfumado hopes to revolutionise the way we shop for fragrance forever.