New group set up to drive digital advertising sales


The European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA), a pan-European trade organisation for sellers of interactive media and technology providers, has set up a group to develop consumer and market insight and is expanding its study of media consumption, Mediascope Europe.

The EIAA Insight Council is being launched to further drive the digital sector and will comprise heads of research and digital commercial specialists from both EIAA member companies and leading agencies across Europe including Aegis Group, AOL Advertising, eBay International Advertising, Havas Digital, Havas Media, i-level, Interpublic Group, Microsoft Advertising, Omnicom Group, Orange Advertising, Pilot, VivaKi, WPP and Yahoo! Europe.

The council will enable closer work between media owners and agencies at a senior level to grow the European online advertising market.

Alison Fennah, executive director, EIAA said: “The creation of the EIAA Insight Council will enable us to create a unique environment where leading research and commercial players can come together to grow the industry’s consumer and market insight. EIAA research has been at the centre of many companies’ commercial strategy formulation and this enables both the industry at large and individual companies to recognise and support future commercial opportunities.”

The agencies will gain access to the EIAA’s flagship research projects such as Mediascope Europe, the Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer and the Pan-Euro Display Ad Campaign Study.

The group will be able to give extra insight into trends identified from the research and work together to support emerging commercial opportunities. The EIAA Insight Council will benefit from the insight of some of the media industry’s leading players:

·         Aegis Group – Dan Calladine, head of media futures, Carat

·         AOL Advertising – Scott Fleming, head of research and studies Europe, AOL Advertising

·         eBay International Advertising – Alex Marks, head of business marketing, eBay Advertising, UK and international operations

·         Havas Digital – Josh Krichefski, global director of client development, Havas Digital

·         Havas Media – Caroline Jacquot, head of digital studies, Havas Media

·         i-level – Adam Fulford, head of planning, i-level

·         Interpublic Group – Tonia Perretta,  CODE director,  Initiative

·         Microsoft Advertising – Anita Caras, head of research & market insights EMEA, Microsoft Advertising and Hema Patel, head of strategy and planning – global agencies, Microsoft Advertising

·         Omnicom Group – Jo Rigby, research director EMEA, Omnicom Media Group

·         Orange Advertising Network – Bruce Hoang, group head of media research, Orange Advertising Network and Giuliano Stiglitz, global sales director, Orange advertising network – France Telecom Group

·         Pilot – Martina Vollbehr, managing director, Pilot Checkpoint and Gerald Falkenburg, senior research manager, Pilot Checkpoint

·         VivaKi – Frederic Joseph, worldwide chief digital officer, ZenithOptimedia and Nick Burcher, head of VivaKi Nerve Center UK and products / partnerships EMEA, VivaKi

·         WPP – Norm Johnston, global digital leader, Mindshare; Carsten Lind, regional head of insight EMEA , Mediacom and Julian Smith, insight and research director, MEC Interaction

·         Yahoo! Europe – Laura Chaibi, head of EU APG research and insights, Yahoo! Europe

Mediascope Europe, launched in 2003, has helped understanding of changing media consumption patterns, the evolving consumer and e-commerce trends and is widely used by advertisers and media agencies across Europe to shape and support their media strategies and prove the case for greater online media investment.

Covering consumer use of internet, radio, TV, mobile, newspapers and magazines this cross-media consumption study clearly demonstrates the growing shift to interactive media across Europe.

This year the Mediascope Europe study will incorporate a further five European markets and will be launched at the end of this month (February).

The research is being extended to Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey to capture the different ways in which consumers are developing across Europe and assess their similarities and differences.