New guide helps wholesale distribution finance teams to keep in step with growth as economy strengthens

BlueBridge One has released a new guide designed to help wholesale distribution businesseses understand how rock-solid financials support growth. The guide ’10 Ways an Effective Financial Management Solution Facilitates Growth’ provides a detailed discussion on the factors that influence the ability of the finance function to keep in step with growth.

BlueBridge One is a leading UK NetSuite integration specialist. Jon Ryan, managing director, said: “As the economy continues to improve, many businesses are looking at investing in new technology. During the recession budgets have been tight. A lot of companies have soldiered on with legacy IT systems. Or worse still, may have deferred investment decisions, forcing them to stick with manual, spreadsheet based accounting and business management processes.

“As economic conditions improve and growth takes off, manual accounting processes and legacy systems often make it difficult for accounts teams to keep up. This guide helps those in charge of the finance function to understand how an integrated solution eliminates time consuming manual processes, enables accuracy and lets staff across the business be more productive and perform more effectively.”

“As companies gear up for growth, their finance leaders face the dilemma of how to lead aggressive growth initiatives without compromising profitability, customer relationships, and the speed and quality of execution. Core content of this guide centres around bringing together business processes in different areas on a common platform. This transforms the ability to manage the business by improving agility, control, reporting and analysis, and the timeliness of decision making. Ultimately this enables businesses to maximise profitability by driving down the cost of sales. ”

The guide is available FREE of charge directly from the BlueBridge One website.