New health supplement brand, Living Nutrition, launches in UK

A new health supplement brand has just launched on the market. Living Nutrition offers a highly concentrated
form of wholefood nutrition.

Sophie Neilan, who created the identity for the brand, says her agency Falcon based its designs around the premise of ‘natural wholefood, but more powerful’.

“Living Nutrition’s product range is unique on the market in thatit’s as close to nature as you can possibly get – a natural wholefood, turned into a super-food through the act of fermentation,” said the company’s founder, nutritional therapist, Graham Botfield.

A unique five-step process captures the living essence of foods by using wholefood ingredients. These are blended and fermented with kefir grains for up to a month until they are rich in micro-flora, enzymes and living nutrients.

Available in six varieties, tailored to specific concerns such as the digestive system or cognitive health, the new brand is rolling out now and will be available in all good health shops.