New IMRG report uncovers shopper perceptions of how customer data is used by retailers

The benefits to retailers of having a single view of customer (SVC) is clear. Shoppers can engage with a retailer through a wide and ever-growing range of devices — desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, consoles, TVs. Not to mention in-store, of course. Or the list of networks and affiliates through which they may be referred — social media, voucher sites, adverts on news sites (or any other kind of site that carries adverts).

If a retailer can tell how and when a shopper has engaged and converted – the full path to purchase, including any subsequent related activity – it offers the opportunity for far greater efficiency and relevancy in merchandising, marketing and general communications.

The benefits of doing so are numerous and pretty obvious, which isn’t to say the process of achieving it is in any way straightforward. However – all this is only possible through having access to data on individual customers in various different forms (and from various different devices / places).

So, how do shoppers feel about that? Can we rely on them to be willing enablers of a single view of their behaviour and preferences or are they a bit uncomfortable with the whole idea?

Working with Toluna, we put five questions to 1,000 UK shoppers to help us understand their current perceptions of how data on them is used.

This IMRG report looks at:

  • The benefits of a Single Customer View
  • The barriers to achieving it
  • Shoppers’ perception of the necessary data use

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