New innovative till solution claims to help independents compete with big business


At a time when independent retailers are being heralded as the saviours of the British high street, an innovative new payment solution claims to be helping small retailers, restaurants, bars and coffee shops across the UK to fight back against big brands. By combining a tablet computer with some smart software and stylish hardware, The Good Till Company offers a solution that is not only more user-friendly for both staff and customers, but also enables retailers to access the kind of data and intelligence that give big businesses a competitive advantage at a fraction of the price.

Utilising user-friendly flexible software and cloud technology, The Good Till bridges the gap between offline stores and online data. It goes beyond simply taking payments to become a source of business intelligence that helps ensure business operations run efficiently, providing the following key benefits:

  • Greater business insight: users can quickly run insightful sales and stock reports on the go, enabling them to make smarter, more informed decisions and manage business more effectively.
  • Customer and eco-friendly: nobody likes to have pockets full of receipts, so The Good Till allows retailers to do away with them altogether and simply email a receipt that customers can then access at their convenience.
  • Take payments from just about anywhere: no need to rely on a fast internet connection, The Good Till can be switched seamlessly from the cloud to a fully-functioning offline mode, perfect for festival and market traders.
  • Customised to your business: intuitive POS software can be set up within minutes. Businesses can then quickly customise the interface, adding and arranging images and products so users can work efficiently.
  • Stylish design: for independent retailers, image counts, and by combining an iPad with their sleek, simple hardware The Good Till offers a practical solution fitting for even the most stylish brands.
  • Integrated 3rd party applications: seamless integration with platforms like Xero and Exact make business processes more efficient and robust
  • Low-cost solution: The Good Till is designed to completely flexible, so is available from as little as £25 per month for software only through to an affordable full hardware and software package.

The Good Till is already being used by a number of independent coffee shops, retailers and bars across the UK, as well as being successfully used as the EPOS solution for the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015. The software continues to be developed, with multiple currency options and a smart e-Loyalty platform due to launch in 2016, which could spell the end for dozens of stamped loyalty cards.