New kitchen-tailored tablet lets consumers order groceries online by waving items in front of screen

New tablet for smart online grocery ordering

New tablet for smart online grocery ordering

Today ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android devices, and Freshub, a connected-kitchen start-up, are launching an end-to-end pilot service that enables consumers to instantly add items to a digital shopping cart using a kitchen-tailored version of the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet, called ARCHOS Kitchen Screen.

The ARCHOS Kitchen Screen makes it easy for consumers to add a choice of thousands of products to their digital shopping cart throughout the week by simply waving the desired item in front of the screen, or via voice commands, the companies report. The device also includes a touchscreen that suggests product alternatives if an item is unavailable, as well as customised electronic coupons.

Loic Poirier, CEO at ARCHOS, said: “As leaders in the Connected Objects field, we are proud to work with Freshub to connect the kitchen. Our Smart Home vision now helps people to keep their kitchens well stocked thanks to the world’s first connected device offering an instant grocery retail link. This game-changing connectivity will considerably alter the way people shop and will shape the future retailing experience.”

Iri Zohar, founder and CEO at Freshub, said: “When we set out to deliver on the connected kitchen, Freshub knew that to succeed we’d need strong collaboration between our service, CE manufactures and online grocers. We were excited to be able to secure a market leader like ARCHOS to work with us, and validate our vision. We see the connected kitchen as way to help consumers live healthier lifestyles, and to make thoughtful decisions about what they eat by eliminating barriers to shopping. This pilot is a great step in the right direction.”

As well as the Kitchen Screen, ARCHOS offers consumers a variety of kitchen, family and smart home apps including recipes, cooking timers, streaming music, security cameras, digital picture frames and weather monitors.