New Look and Argos are latest brands to join new gifting app, Giftcloud

Two big name high street retailers are the latest brands to join a digital gifting platform to enable their customers to send gifts to their friends and family via their smartphones and tablets; using Facebook, SMS or email. New Look and Argos are the latest to offer digital gifting through the Giftcloud app which launched earlier this month; promising to upgrade the gift card market into the digital age this Christmas.

Brought to market by vouchercloud, the money-saving brand in the UK, the digital gifting platform claims it will disrupt the entire £5bn gift card sector and is the latest ‘life hack’ app set to create a retail revolution at one of the busiest times of the year for the gift card industry.

Featuring renowned global brands from the outset, including iTunes, Starbucks, Pizza Express, House of Fraser and Debenhams among others, the gifting app and website will now offer digital gift cards from New Look and Argos so users can send gifts to friends and family instantly in time for Christmas 2014. Giftcloud also allows users to connect via Facebook and sends timely reminders of upcoming birthdays.

Greg LeTocq, the founder of Giftcloud, said: “The plastic gift card market is worth around £5.5 billion in the UK alone; this is a lucrative sector that has been completely untouched by modern technology and the ‘life hack’ generation that we are lucky enough to live in. We are far more geographically spread now in terms of how far away our friends and family members live and we expect instant solutions for our needs, so creating a gifting app which will enable us to send gifts to our peers in a simple click was a logical step for us. It’s just a case of catching up with the modern world.


“The brands we are fortunate enough to work with have been thrilled with their experience of the app and they can see that they are part of a big cultural shift. The platform has received a lot of positive attention, especially for the way in which it connects with Facebook so that, with a simple click, users can upgrade an empty ‘happy birthday’ wall post to something far more personal and meaningful. It’s about enhancing digital well wishes with tangible gifts. I have no doubt that this is 100% the way forward for retailers, and it’s brilliant to see more and more of the really big players in the retail and leisure field cottoning on to this.”