New Look cracks Easter with seasonal-themed social proof messaging from Taggstar

How adapting social proof messaging to include seasonal designs drove a further 1.27% conversion rate uplift and £10k in additional sales in only a week for New Look, which will now deliver a full calendar of seasonal messaging for 2022

Social proof messaging from Taggstar is always customised to the retailer’s branding and tone of voice. However, by going a step further and introducing seasonality into the messaging design fashion retailer New Look saw a great response. This included both engagement and most importantly sales and conversion, delivering a 1.27% conversion rate uplift and an additional £10,000 in sales in only seven days. New Look is now rolling out a full calendar of seasonal-based social proof messaging for key events throughout 2022.


New Look is an international fashion retailer that started with a single store in Taunton in the UK. Today it has 467 stores operating across the UK and ROI and also sells to customers in 66 countries through its online stores. It sells ranges for women, men, maternity, plus size and teenagers.

More than 800 new products are added online every week, meaning there’s always something new for its customers to see. The brand also has a strong social media presence with more than six million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Engaging its customers online is key for New Look and social proof messaging from Taggstar plays a valuable role in doing that since September 2020 . But engaging customers specifically around current events can be a challenge for any retailer.

For fashion retailers, it’s especially important since customers will often buy outfits specifically for seasonal events. New Look wanted to see how further adapting its messaging using Taggstar’s ability to produce special designs based on seasonality and tie in with such events would drive conversion rate and sales.


Taggstar began working on developing seasonal designs during Christmas 2021. This included the addition of Christmas present icons and stars to social proof messages. Following positive internal and external feedback from customers, the campaign was developed further, with more creative designs and fun icons including love hearts used for the next seasonal event, Valentine’s Day. The campaign was then further developed to include Easter icons such as a bunny, chick and Easter Eggs for the April holiday. Animations were also added to help further grab customer attention.

Only the icons, colours and designs were changed rather than the message types themselves, which meant that the campaign could be assessed purely on the impact of adding fun designs, icons and animations against the standard New Look and Taggstar social proof messaging design.


The full-funnel campaign was evaluated in the UK on mobile-only at the beginning of April and saw fantastic results in only seven days. The main aim had been to increase customer engagement and potentially influence conversion rate and revenue uplift with the seasonal designs.

In the seven-day evaluation period, New Look saw a 1.27% conversion rate uplift, leading to 425 incremental orders and a £10,000 uplift in sales. If extrapolated to 100% and a full year, this equates to a 19.8x return on investment from the addition of seasonal designs to existing social proof messaging from Taggstar.

New Look has now committed to a full calendar of seasonal-based social messaging designs, the next of which will reflect the summer spirit. It will be followed by seasonal-based campaigns for Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas 2022.

Rachel Troke, senior product manager at New Look, said: “At New Look engaging our customers is key. Social proof messaging has already worked well for us but the impact of tweaking the design further to add a seasonal element to it has helped push engagement, conversion and sales even higher. Our customers have loved the cute icons and animations and it’s been reflected in the fantastic results we’ve achieved. We look forward to making our customers smile further with all the fun designs we have planned for the rest of the year.”

Peter Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “Customisation of social proof messaging is a key feature of our offer and something we encourage all our customers to do to ensure the messaging is truly their own. New Look’s results show how powerful adapting that design, especially to tie in with seasonal events, can be.”