New low sugar hydration drink, PAWsome, launches featuring characters from Paw Patrol

Parents can keep their kids hydrated and healthy with the new PAWsome character-laden line of low sugar, better-for-your kids’ hydration drink mixes now available from SOS Hydration. They feature characters from the global hit preschool series PAW Patrol, which is produced by Spin Master Entertainment. 

Children across the UK can now enjoy SOS Hydration’s healthier and more effective alternative to the mass-market sugary drinks targeted to children. The company’s new child specific, low sugar electrolyte mineral and vitamin drink mix formula, is a perfect immune and hydration booster, and with the addition of the PAW Patrol pups, including fan favourites Chase and Skye, it’s sure to be a no-nonsense winner for the kids. 

The family friendly hydration comes in three flavours of Lemon, Berry and Strawberry and contains only three grams of sugar; is boosted with Vitamins A and C, minerals Zinc and Magnesium; and contains no artificial additives—all designed to keep kids ahead of their hydration needs so they stay healthy, perform better and get more from their days.

Proven to boost concentration, boost immunity with Zinc and Vitamin C and replenish hydration quickly, it’s perfect for active kids looking to keep up with their favourite PAW Patrol characters. 

James Mayo Co-Founder and CEO of SOS Hydration said “As a dad of two young girls, I wanted a better alternative to the high sugar, unhealthy beverages marketed at children…plus I understand the power of PAW Patrol.” 

SOS Kids is available for buy from:  

RRP: £7.99 per multipack