New method campaign tempts consumers to “Look Good, Do Better” while cleaning 


Method, the disruptive eco-conscious cleaning brand, has launched a new European campaign “look good, do better” to bring to life the unique style and substance inherent in the brand.

Designed to drive awareness of the method brand and its playful personality, the campaign features video on demand, ethical video, social, experiential and PR. It dials up the two complementary sides of method: beautifully designed, stylish bottles with vivid fragrances + bright colours, combined with naturally derived cleaning, non-toxic ingredients, in a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

Sara Mendez, method European head of band experience: “method stands apart from other cleaning brands, perfectly combining ethics and aesthetics. We take cleaning and sustainability very seriously, but not ourselves. People know method for its stylish bottles and vivid fragrances but with this campaign we wanted to dial up the substance behind the brand in a way that reflects its quirky personality. Showing stylish, conscious consumers that with method they don’t need to compromise between something that appeals to the senses and does no harm to the planet.”

The campaign leads with a series of videos, developed for method by Mr President, that bring the highly stylised, colourful and surreal method brand world to life, framed in the Instagram square. Featuring a series of quirky, fun characters that prove that looking good is even better when you do good as well:

  • Enter fabulous Gloria, recycling those magnums from last night’s soirée.
  • Up next is Fran the fierce firefighter looking sassy after a day of saving lives, currently quenching the thirst of a rescued kitten.
  • Now meet Pierre, the perfectly preened peace prize winner, giving that award a shine worthy of his reflection.
  • Onwards to Max the hunk of a monk, keeping his temple clean while doing a spot of levitating meditation.
  • Penultimately our on fleek anti-felling protester Penelope stops you in your tracks.

Last, but not least, method’s beautiful products in all their glory are revealed rotating on their bespoke plinths. The accompanying music brings a chic and tongue in cheek vibe, just like method itself.

Victoria Hunt-Taylor, method head of UK brand experience: “Our media plan focuses on driving reach with our key brand goal being awareness. We have used Video On Demand to drive targeted reach with our method audience, the ‘stylish discerner’. And we are particularly excited to announce a partnership with the ethical ad platform, Good-Loop, which enables our viewers to give to charity – a great embodiment of the Look Good, Do Better campaign.

The 30” ad will appear on Video on Demand for 5 weeks, in the w/c 10th September until 14th October. Featuring on sites including broadcast sites such as, All 4 (channel 4) and Five TV (channel 5) and online sites such as Metro, Spotify and News UK.

Good-Loop delivers effective and ethical advertising – perfectly reflecting the ‘the Look Good, Do Better’ ethos. Ads on the platform receive up to twice the average view length engagement of any other premium VOD platform, for no extra cost  – plus every view generates a free charitable donation. They do this by giving viewers a choice; you never have to watch one of their ads but if you choose to watch, you get to give 50% of the advertisers’ money to charity. method videos will appear via Good Loop on a number of premium sites and will be raising money for Clothes Aid, Mind, and The Children’s Hospital Charity.

The campaign will also run across social media, specifically Instagram, Facebook with promoted activity on Buzzfeed.

The campaign will also feature a strong experiential and PR plan created by The Romans for method and going live in from the 16 October.