New personalised vitamins by post from Holland & Barrett


In a world of letterbox-sized health and beauty, customers can be treated to everything from luxury beauty to contraception through the door without having to leave the house.

Now leading health and wellbeing retailer Holland & Barrett have launched Healthbox – a new and exclusive, online, personalised subscription service for vitamins, minerals and supplements using the advice and recommendations of qualified nutritionists.

And while other monthly subscription boxes deliver randomly assigned treats, Healthbox customers will be asked to answer a variety of health questions on everything from dietary intake to general lifestyle habits and any ailments that need to be addressed, developing a truly unique vitamin subscription through the letterbox on a monthly basis.

The trend for subscription services has grown exponentially in the last year, with the UK adult population spending on average £56 per month on their letterbox goodies, up from £18.49 the previous year.

The online survey, which can be completed in under 10 minutes, will take advantage of Holland & Barrett’s trusted advice, offering tips, recipes and guidance on healthier living, and recommend a bespoke programme from a wide range of supplements.

As well as five personalised supplement recommendations, customers will also receive tailored health advice and further details as to why they have been recommended the products with the option to keep their subscription running, or just to top up when needed.

With dietary requirements and lifestyles changing rapidly, personalised nutrition has emerged as one of the biggest movements to watch in 2018, with The Grocer magazine naming it among their UK Food & Drink trends of the year.

Donia Hilal, senior nutritionist at Holland & Barrett said “As we start to become more aware of the importance of what we put into our body affecting our general health, it’s about time we began paying closer attention to our own personal nutritional profiles and how they differ from person to person. Our DNA, our family history, exercise, diet and the way we metabolise foods could all be contributing to our general wellbeing, making personalised nutrition a great way to ensure you are getting the best nutrients especially for you.”