New popcorn brand, Propercorn, wants to stand out from crowd


Propercorn: daring to be different

Propercorn: daring to be different

Propercorn, the newly launched gourmet, British, popcorn brand claims it is ready to show the nation how popcorn is done properly. 

Following secret recipes that use only the most authentic ingredients (including garden chives, roasted onions, sun-dried tomatoes and crème fraiche), the freshly popped butterfly corn is delicately tumbled to create a delicious, guilt-free snack, reports the brand.

Not impressed with commonly used artificial seasonings, Propercorn’s founder, Cassandra Stavrou, says she has personally created recipes from scratch to make this enjoyable and tasty snack. In a recent blind taste test of 100 people, 92% of those who took part preferred Propercorn to other popular popcorn brands, the company claims.

Propercorn, currently available in four flavours, comes in 20g servings and offers consumers a nutritious, light and satisfying snack at less than 100 calories per pack. Packed with wholegrain goodness, the popcorn is high in fibre which aids digestion and reduces bloating, and its flavour is free from the synthetic taste found in many other popcorns, says the brand.

“I have such fond memories of my father and I making popcorn when I was younger,” said Stavrou. “As my passion for popcorn developed, I found the offerings on the shelves were either extremely unhealthy and indulgent or tasteless and unsatisfying options to – that’s when I saw that there was a gap in the market. Avoiding synthetic and artificial flavourings, Propercorn has been made with the love and attention it deserves, even down to the packaging and design which I developed myself.”

Propercornis available nationwide in four flavours: Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato, Sweet & Salty, Sour Cream & Chive, and Lightly Sea Salted – with more flavours to follow soon. (RRP 95p)