New premium gin – Sloane’s – is inspired by the past

New Sloane's Gin

New Sloane's Gin

A new gin, which claims to be inspired by the great gins of the past, has launched on the market, and scooped a trio of awards at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Sloane’s Gin won Best Gin, Best White Spirit and Double Gold at the awards.

According to the spirit’s promoters, Sloane’s Gin doesn’t come in a crazily shaped bottle; nor does it push the boundaries of flavour by being made from fancy tropical fruits; and it isn’t coloured to make it more appealing to a younger generation. 

The name refers back to Sir Hans Sloane, a royal physician and botanist, whose botanical collection formed the foundation of what is now the Natural History Museum. 

It was from Sir Han’s collection many of the botanicals now associated with gin, including oris root, angelica and cassia bark, are believed to have been introduced to the gin industry. 

According to the company, the difference between Sloane’s Gin and other gins lies in the distillation process. Each of the 10 botanicals (including juniper berries and iris root from Italy, coriander from Morocco, angelica root and liquorice root from India and whole vanilla beans from Madagascar) is individually distilled, with only the heart of the distillate used to extract the flavour. The individual distillates are then blended, creating layers of flavour.

Described as smooth and beautifully balanced, the spirit is claimed to be a premium dry gin, with rich and full flavoured aromatics, including juniper and citrus.

It is priced at under £19+VAT.