New premium yogurt range, Liberté Origins, set to transform category

Liberté, part of the General Mills group, has announced the landmark launch of three luxurious yoghurts in glass jars which are ideal for shoppers looking for an indulgent moment. Liberté Origins will contain delicate ‘French style yoghurt’ served on top of three compotes made with real fruit – Strawberry, Vanilla and Apricot. All flavours come in a pack of two 135g glass jars (RSP: £2.50) and will be Liberté’s biggest launch into Tesco, launching exclusively on the 21 May in over 1,600 stocking points.

Liberté Origins ‘French style yoghurt’ has been made in each individual jar which will be sold directly to customers – this is sometimes referred to as ‘pot-set’ yoghurt. The new production method means that the milk, fruit and yoghurt cultures have been set in the glass jar for at least five hours. Each individual yoghurt will contain no artificial flavours and colourings.

The Origins launch comes hot on the heels of the success of Yoplait’s Oui yoghurt brand, a similar offering that has seen massive success in the United States and is on-track to becoming one of the biggest yoghurt launches in history. The strategy behind this was to unlock a new ‘me time permissible indulgence’ consumption occasion which has helped to bring new shoppers into the category as well as trading up.

According to Mintel’s Global Food & Drink Trends report, consumers are seeking comfort from products that have modernised updates of age-old formulations, flavours and formats. With a recipe derived from a traditional technique as well as showcasing the nation’s favourite flavours, Liberté Origins is positioned to tap into this trend. The glass jars, which can be reused or recycled, also meet an increasing shopper demand to reduce consumption of plastic packaging and buy into more reusable environmentally friendly options.

Alongside the full Liberté range, Origins is also positioned as a ‘permissible indulgence’ option, that is ideal for shoppers looking for a daytime treat after having a busy morning. For those who are looking for a snack for their ‘me-time’ occasion, Origins is a perfect yoghurt to eat while having a calm break away from their desk. Consumers are replacing chocolate, biscuits and slices of cakes during their morning break for a jar of Origins instead.

With all flavours having under 132 calories per jar, Liberté Origins will stand out from competitors, delivering high-quality, premium dairy products which set out the brands intentions to provide a truly luxurious product.

Sam Horner, brand manager for Liberté UK, said: “Liberté’s yoghurt is of an exceptional quality and Liberté Origins will be no different. Made with naturally sourced ingredients and real fruit, the product has a subtly sweet taste and smooth texture. The new production method and format will make sure that we stand out against other brands in a competitive market. This new product launch firmly marks the brands intentions to evolve the premium yoghurt category.”