New price comparison website introduces social features


New website,, claims it has created several social features in order to make shopping online more social. Two social widgets, one for retailers and the other for consumers, make it easier than ever for people to share what they really want, the company claims. 

The retailer widget, dubbed the “Shop Button”, also makes joining a price comparison website more straightforward, enabling smaller retailers to compete in the growing online marketplace. 

Another social feature is an activity feed, much like Facebook’s News Feed, which enables people to view and discuss pretty much anything they or their friends do on the website, or they can ask their friends what to buy from a list of products. ReallyWantThat is integrated into Facebook and Twitter, so sharing isn’t limited only to friends who have joined ReallyWantThat, the company says.

“Another aim was to make it easier to find the best deal, be it for a single product or a group of products”, said marketing manager David Chapple. 

Chapple claims price isn’t the only deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase decision, which is why a default order for the list of retailers of a particular product takes other factors into account. 

“When searching for products, ordering results by price isn’t always a good indication of the value-for-money the consumer would be getting, which is why we developed a system that allows people to order search results by the percentage savings. 

“This allows consumers to get the most from their budget, possibly even spending less and getting a better product than they thought possible.” 

The ability to create price alerts on will also help people to save money and time, as they can be alerted when a product is down to a price they can afford. 

“We’ve already partnered with all of the UK’s top online retailers, so the likelihood of us finding users the best price is very high,” said Chapple.

Another feature is the product recommendation engine, which automatically searches the website for products the user might like, based on what they already ‘really want’.