New private sale website, Casabu, signs up mums to access baby product sales

Oxburgh: targeted approach for suppliers

Oxburgh: targeted approach for suppliers

Thousands of mums are reported to have signed up to a new daily flash-sale website Casabu since it launched last month.

The free-to-join private sale website has up to 15 daily sales featuring clothing, toys, nursery equipment and maternity gear at discounts off retail prices.

A number of the UK and Europe’s hottest brands have already featured on the site including Their Nibs, the nursery brand J-J Cole; Infantino with its baby playtime products; Denmark’s Serendipity Organics Baby clothing and Takkoda, which features quirky pet designs printed on everything from t-shirts to cushions.

Fiona Bell, founder of Their Nibs, which specialises in children’s and baby clothing featuring vintage and designer collections, said: “We’re showcasing our beautiful clothes exclusively with Casabu and have been delighted with the brand exposure. The site gives us a chance to promote our products and collections to a whole new audience. We’ve been so pleased that we’ve just finished a second sale and are planning a third.”

Brands can partner with Casabu and take part in five new sales a day with each one lasting from 72-hours to seven days. Customers can access deals via their computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or via Twitter @casabu_tweets and there are incentives for referring Casabu to friends.

According to the company, the site helps brands reach a large and targeted audience, providing a means to raise brand awareness and enhance sales across other retail outlets. It also serves as an efficient way to move overstock.

Casabu CEO Rachel Oxburgh said: “We’re delighted so many mums and dads have joined Casabu since we launched. Our members tell us they love being able to access fantastic savings on big brands and the latest cool and up-and-coming products without having to trawl round the shops.

“We send them daily reminders via email or a mobile alert when new events are about to begin and pride ourselves on our customer service.”

Casabu said Flash-sale sites have proven hugely successful in the US where, as their name suggests, sales are carried out in a flash. With an air of exclusivity and top brand names, flash-sale websites host limited-time sales for their members. 

The model works for suppliers due to the targeted approach of reaching a wide but truly focused customer for a limited period and being in control of the amount of stock they sell. And it appeals to members because they can make huge savings on the recommended retail prices, the company adds.