New product launch: Goldling – Europe’s first range of Organic Vodka Soda brand

A new British Organic Drinks brand launches today with the aim of capitalising on growing trends within the RTD category and leading the premium can revolution with a refreshingly complex organic Vodka and Soda range. A second flavour is set to launch this summer.

With the market currently under-served, Goldling is proud to launch their inaugural product Sundown today, with an intensive focus on liquid excellence, production and sourcing integrity as well as certified organic status for the entire supply chain, as accredited by the Soil Association. Goldling are eager to be challenging the standard RTD category with their refreshingly complex drinks range while caring for the natural world.

RTD’s’, once considered essentially party-oriented, student targeted, low-quality products have seen a resurgence in recent years. With mass market G&Ts, Hard Seltzers and Sugar Cocktails hitting the market, consumption patterns’ changing with more of a focus now on retail and younger consumers generally becoming far more aware of their alcohol intake than previous generations.

Founder Max Dodd-Noble has been working throughout 2021 with B&B studio, the award-winning agency behind branding for Fever-Tree, Brewdog and Pip & Nut, to help bring the brand to life. Discussing the brand positioning and design, Lisa Desforges, Head of Strategy at B&B says “Goldling’s visual expression and name is inspired by the golden hour, the shift in light as day becomes night. We wanted the design to reflect this, celebrating the sense of escapism when lazy days become lively nights.”

Goldling’s senior team includes Founder, Max Dodd-Noble, formerly with Deliveroo and Seedlip, Marketing lead by Kate Harrison, formerly Black Cow Vodka, Bloom Gin and Estrella Damm and flavour development designed by drinks expert Robin, winner of multiple awards for recipe development.

Goldling Founder, Max Dodd Noble, says “I spent my formative career at Seedlip helping people to figure out what to drink when they weren’t drinking, but when it came to my order, I didn’t know what to drink, when I was drinking. Cans are great, but there’s a lack of truly premium, sophisticated and well-balanced flavour options. When starting out, we wanted to take the difficult path of creating a perfectly balanced organic mixed drink, not only for the beneficial environmental reasons, but also means that we can source the highest quality organic fruits, herbs and spices.

More about the Goldling Products

Goldling Spirits Co are launching a range of premium Organic Vodka and Sodas, with two flavours set to launch this summer and their first flavour, Sundown, available from today. Moonlight is available on the 1st October.

Goldling Sundown is Organic Vodka & Soda, Persian Lime, Pineapple & A hint of Kaffir Lime Leaf.

Sundown blends Organic Vodka, mineralised sparkling water, Organic Limes, Organic Pineapple & Kaffir Lime Leaf. Bright Bold Citrus & Tropical Vibes. Creating a refreshingly complex vodka soda elevated serve / perfect for drinking with friends at Sundown

Goldling Moonlight is Organic Vodka & Soda, British Strawberry, Pomegranate & a hint of cayenne pepper Goldling Moonlight blends Organic Vodka, mineralised sparkling water, Organic Strawberry’s, Organic Pomegranate & cayenne pepper. Juicy & Warming Vibes. Creating a refreshingly complex vodka soda elevated serve / perfect for drinking with friends under moonlight


For the third consecutive year, ready-to-drink (RTD) products were the fastest growing beverage alcohol category in 2019 globally, up almost 20% in volume consumption from 2018. RTDs are expected to continue to remain the fastest growing category over the next 5 years. Product innovation, affordability, refreshment, convenience and youth appeal have contributed to continued interest in the category as well.

Kate Harrison says “I am super excited to be working on Goldling with Max and delighted with the launch of Sundown today. Changes in alcohol consumption over recent years as well as route-to-market and convenience formats have meant that there is a real white space in the category – the Goldling brand brings far more than what is currently on the market, many of which have the same similar themes. Throughout the strategic development of Goldling, we wanted to push the boundaries, challenge the category and create a truly unique product offering.”

Robin says: “It’s not often you meet someone as uncompromising on flavour as Max is, so it was with excitement that we started working together. It’s been a real pleasure developing the first certified Organic vodka + soda products to market, especially as we set the bar so high for flavour profile. We set out to create something that was first and foremost truly, unquestionably delicious – as at the heart of this product is the belief that anyone who is choosing an RTD should have the option to choose something that is provably sustainable and matches the elegance and complexity available in cocktails found in top-end on trade bars.”

Goldling is inspired by light and offers different flavour variants to be enjoyed at different drinking moments. Their graphics provide touches of creative escapism, using surreal collages and evocative flavour names which aim to transport the drinker into the world of each

The first flavour variant, Sundown RRP £2.90 per unit, 4.8% ABV in a 330ml can or 6 pack for £17 available immediately via the website: