New research shows retail businesses lagging behind in online performance

Retail and grocery businesses are falling behind in performance, accessibility and the speed of their websites, according to new analysis of all FTSE 100 and 250 homepages by an expert team at Contensis.

The findings, which place the retail and grocery sector in tenth position, have been published today by web experts Contensis as part of new research: Big Players, Slow Web Pages: Which FTSE 100 and 250 Businesses Value their Online Presence the Most.

Media and publishing companies have the best performing websites overall.

The study also found that FTSE 250 companies are doing better than their FTSE 100 counterparts, loading a whole second faster and getting better scores for accessibility too. 

The full league table highlights the great disparity online, where on average, the homepages of chemicals, mining, oil and gas businesses take six seconds longer than media and publishing to load.

Sector / IndustryPerformanceAccessibility scoreHomepage speed indexScore
Media and publishing69.2984.43100.00253.71
Manufacturing and logistics55.2584.6992.43232.37
Software and IT46.5091.1772.84210.51
Aerospace and Defence45.3880.0073.77199.14
Healthcare and life sciences48.2080.1059.62187.92
Telecoms and technology42.0093.6340.72176.35
Retail and Grocery36.3585.7552.20174.30
Property and construction43.7085.4144.51173.62
Travel, hospitality and leisure40.9679.1853.43173.57
Food and beverages35.9382.5715.34133.84
Chemicals, mining, oil and gas40.8781.700.00122.57

Of all retailers listed on either the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 indices, Inchcape, a global automotive distributor, performed the best. It had a page load speed six seconds faster than the industry average and an accessibility score into the high eighties.   

Across the board, construction and engineering firm, John Laing, had the best Google Lighthouse performance with a score of 100 for overall performance, 97 for accessibility and a homepage load speed of less than half a second. 

The best performing FTSE 100 business, Kingfisher, which owns B&Q, among other home improvement brands, had an accessibility score into the mid-nineties and a homepage load speed of just over two seconds.

Richard Chivers, co-founder of content management system, Contensis, and chief executive officer of Zengenti, the software company which makes Contensis, commented:

“This research shows us just how much the big players value their online presence. Industries that you’d expect to be doing really well, like retail, are not performing as you might think and are in fact in tenth position in our league table, in between telecoms and property and construction.

“I think the biggest eye-opener is that, consistently, we all need to up our game when it comes to accessibility.  Retail and grocery businesses, for example, should be mindful that 22 percent of the UK population have a long-term illness, impairment or disability according to latest figures. More can be done to support these users online which would be win-win for retail businesses and their customers.”

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