New service lets brands target London shoppers with mobile offers via free Wi-Fi


New service will allow brand to target mobile offers via free Wi-Fi

New service will allow brand to target mobile offers via free Wi-Fi

Brands will be able to target London shoppers with mobile offers for local shops via free Wi-Fi hotspots, as a result of a new partnership between Spectrum Interactive, a leading independent UK provider of Wi-Fi, and location-based media company, Selective Media.

The two companies have teamed up to launch an offer-based media platform that will display deals to shoppers as part of the log-in pages when they connect to public Wi-Fi using a mobile or tablet device.

The service will grant free access to users in exchange for selecting a free promotional offer from one of the service’s brand and advertising partners.

According to the two partners, the new platform could form a key component of location-based marketing campaigns, giving brands and advertisers the opportunity to target shoppers who are close to one of their stores on a cost-per-lead media model.

For example, a bookstore could entice shoppers into a nearby branch by offering a voucher for 10% off purchases delivered via the Wi-Fi portal page. Shoppers will be offered unique deals or promotions from at least four promotional partners, giving the consumer the freedom to choose the most appropriate offer, and increasing the resulting conversion rate and ROI for brands and advertisers, said the partnership.

The new service will initially be made available across Spectrum’s FREE Street WiFi network, spanning some of London’s busiest locations, including Oxford Street, which is visited by more than 200 million people per year. The FREE Street WiFi network is reported to attract around 25,000 unique users per month (from 28 hotspots in Westminster).

Following the initial rollout in central London, plans are in place for a city-wide and national expansion, taking advantage of Spectrum’s 1,800 street payphone kiosks (of which 1,500 are within the M25).

“People have come to demand connectivity 24/7, but 3G doesn’t always live up to their expectations. Our street Wi-Fi network fills a void, offering broadband-style speeds in some of central London’s busiest areas,” said Daniel Gray, commercial director at Spectrum Interactive.

“For brands and advertisers wanting to get targeted messages and relevant offers directly into the hands of consumers on the move, this service represents a superb and cost-effective opportunity. Spectrum Interactive has been a market leader in monetising public internet access for 11 years, and this new media model is set to create an innovative way for brands to engage and reach their target markets.”

Chris Bull, founder of Selective Media, said: “For the first time, brands can drive sales by using local Wi-Fi hotspots to deliver mobile vouchers to shoppers who are nearby one of their stores. This is great news for London’s shoppers, who will not only be able to surf the web for free, but be rewarded with money-saving deals for doing so. The big benefit for brands is it gives them an opportunity to target an affluent, on-the-go, tech-savvy young audience, who can be hard to reach through more traditional channels.

“Brands are increasingly recognising the benefits of mobile vouchers and this new platform has already generated much interest from potential media partners during preliminary talks. We’re very excited to be leading the industry forward with the launch of this new platform, and can’t wait to roll it out more widely in the coming months.”

How it works

Users select a promotional offer from one of the service’s media partners on the ‘welcome’ page and enter their email address and phone number in order to secure the deal. Wi-Fi access is then authorised.

The Wi-Fi network supports access speeds of up to 20Mbps via equipment installed in street payphone kiosks operated by Spectrum Interactive.

Where it works:

For the initial launch the key areas will be activated:

  • Oxford St
  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Bloomsbury
  • South Kensington
  • Knightsbridge
  • Mayfair
  • Lancaster Gate
  • Bayswater
  • Westminster
  • Sloane Square
  • Victoria
  • Marylebone