New social shopping site, haveyouseen, aims to reward and increase brand advocacy


A new social shopping site is launching on 11 September 2014 and aims to change how people shop on online.

Haveyouseen encourages people to recommend their favourite products and brands to others, earning a cash reward from the exchange.

The site will be unveiled on the eve of London Fashion Week, and well-known bloggers and celebrities, who often endorse products, are reported to be already benefiting from the beta version of the platform.

Founder and CEO of haveyouseen, Ben van Rooyen, said: “Personal recommendations have always been a way to spread positive news about brands. From fashion to tech, holidays and more, we are increasingly sending links to products we know our friends will want to see or buy. And retailers are willing to reward people for doing this”.

As many as 65% of people say they learn about new products and brands through their social connections. They also value this guidance with 92% saying they trust recommendations from friends and family. This compared to only 33% trusting info from online ads and 58% from brand websites.

“It’s important for brands to be a part of these conversations. It not only gives the opportunity of a positive message spreading virally across social circles, it also unlocks the data about brand advocates and more importantly, influencers, allowing brands to target bigger and more relevant audiences.,” said van Rooyen.

The platform has the backing of more than 3,000 big-name retailers, from M&S and Debenhams to Currys, Amazon and Waitrose – with more joining every day.

Charities can also benefit from haveyouseen, with the option of users directing rewards to any charitable organisation of their choice.

van Rooyen said: “We recognised that a shopper’s journey tended to end at checkout. Actually this is the perfect time for them to share the news of their actual or intended purchase. haveyouseen enables them to do just that across their favourite social sites – and to be paid for it.”