New Soil Association Certification webinar reveals why values driven sourcing is good for business


Soil Association Certification’s first ever free webinar specifically for suppliers will discuss how ethical sourcing can help improve their business. The Food for Life Catering Mark runs a successful Supplier Scheme, giving suppliers a chance to up their ethical credentials and sell direct to Catering Mark holders.

Ian Platt, head of supply chain Services at WSH Limited, one of the UK’s most influential catering supply purchasers, reveals detail about values driven sourcing at the new webinar on 17 February.

Platt said: “Westbury Street Holdings (WSH, which encompasses BaxterStorey and Caterlink) is the owner of the UK’s most successful portfolio of independent catering and hospitality businesses. Our UK sourcing policy is integral to our businesses values and we are pleased to hold the bronze, silver and gold Catering Mark across a wide range of our locations. The Catering Mark is a simple way of demonstrating to our clients and customers that fresh, nutritious ingredients without trans fats or additives are used in our food.  Equally it demonstrates that all our meat is Farm Assured and better for animal welfare, and that meals are cooked fresh on site. We are always keen to work with suppliers who support our Catering Mark achievements and can provide the products we need. ”

The webinar, ‘Ask a caterer: how to access the Catering Mark buyers who need your products’, gives suppliers an exclusive opportunity to meet the buyer and find out what they look for. Many Supplier Scheme members boost growth by up to 20%.

Mark Fletcher of Yearsley Food said: “Since becoming part of the Catering Mark Supplier Scheme, Yearsley Food has seen an increase in sales enquiries from new and existing customers. The Food for Life Catering Mark work we do is really important to us.

The Food for Life Catering Mark is a recognised accreditation for food providers who are improving the food they serve by using fresh, sustainable ingredients which are free from harmful additives and better for animal welfare. Over 1.5 million Catering Mark standard meals are served in schools, hospitals and workplaces across the UK each day.

Can ethical sourcing also help your bottom line? Join the free online webinar on 17 February 2016 to find out how Food for Life’s Catering Mark Supplier Scheme can promote good food and good business.

Online webinar details:

Ask a caterer: how to access the Catering Mark buyers who need your products

17 February 2017, 11am-11.30am

Guest: Ian Platt, head of supply chain services, WSH Limited

Moderator: Clare Hadway, Catering Mark coordinator, Soil Association

GoToMeeting link:

Phone-in: +44 (0) 330 221 0088, 0 800 169 0432 (Toll-free), Access code: 291-007-501

Topics covered will be:

  • How to grow your sales
  • How to effectively pitch for tenders that require Catering Mark suppliers
  • How to sell more food from accredited and ethical sources
  • How to become members of the Catering Mark Supplier Scheme

Got a burning question? Email your question to and we’ll pick the top 5 to ask Ian.