New study by Aqua Pura reveals majority of UK is dehydrated

The UK’s fastest-growing mineral water brand, Aqua Pura, has commissioned a survey of 2,045 people, which aimed to shed some light on whether the UK nation understands hydration.

Shockingly, just 6% of the nation are hydrating properly and consuming the right amount of water. It was also found that, on average, consumers drink just 850ml of water per day – less than half of the recommended daily intake.

The data also uncovered that over half the people in each of the UK’s major cities were only consuming between zero and five glasses of water per day, which falls below the recommended eight cups per day[1] . In addition, less than a third of those surveyed understood how much they need to consume daily to stay healthy.

The survey forms part of the brand’s recently launched ‘Hydrate the Nation’ campaign, which launched in August and continues in the form of a 30-second television advertisement, as well as PR, OOH, digital and social.

Four out of five consumers said they consumed tap water, and over half (52%) said that they don’t drink mineral water at all despite the fact that it commonly contains substances such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, and zinc.

The research also found that men are less likely to stay hydrated when compared with women, with over a third (34.3%) saying they don’t drink still water at all and a quarter of women reporting the same.

Carys Delve, brand manager at Aqua Pura, said: “As a nationwide brand, being the first to launch a 100% recyclable bottle with eco-friendly cap, of which the bottle is also made from 100% recycled materials, in addition to new sparkling water, it was important to understand our customers. We really wanted to get to know the UK population and this study achieved this, providing us with some interesting and in some cases, surprising, insights and statistics.”

“We were really eager to get to know the UK population and their drinking and hydration habits, and I feel we achieved this. Our study demonstrates that there’s still a lot to do in terms of raising awareness of the importance of hydration and understanding our water consumption.”

Britain’s favourite shop purchased drinks

  1. Coffee – 74% drink vs 26% who don’t
  2. Tea – 73% drink vs 27% who don’t
  3. Still water – 70% drink vs 30% who don’t
  4. Fruit juice – 67% drink vs 33% who don’t
  5. Fizzy drinks – 65% drink vs 35% who don’t
  6. Squash/cordial – 64% drink vs 36% who don’t
  7. Mineral water – 49% drink vs 51% who don’t
  8. Spring water – 48% drink vs 52% who don’t
  9. Herbal tea – 36% drink vs 64% who don’t
  10. Sparkling water – 34% drink vs 66% who don’t
  11. Energy drink – 33% drink vs 67% who don’t
  12. Health drinks – 22% drink vs 78% who don’t

Carys continued: “Whilst many enjoy a coffee in the morning and a soft drink through the day, there is no alternative to the hydrating power of water. At Aqua Pura we are passionate about hydrating the nation, so water being omitted from many people’s diets is a great concern to us, and is something we are striving to change.” 

Aqua Pura has a hydration calculator to work out how much water you should be drinking based on weight and height, visit