New technology aims to safeguard food chain by managing supplier compliance data

Muddy Boots, a quality assurance and compliance software specialist, has launched a product that helps businesses within the food supply chain ensure its suppliers’ and their growers meet the requirements set out by their customers. 

Greenlight Supplier Approval is a cloud-based solution that has been designed specifically for the food industry to help manage and simplify the whole supplier approval process. It is a collaborative tool that enables businesses and their suppliers to easily access, record, search and share all of the important data relating to the approval status of a supplier, so they can all share the task of supplier compliance.

With all of this information held in a centralised, secure location, businesses are able to map their supply chains from grower to retailer, providing deep visibility and clear transparency of who is in their supply network, where they are located and what products they are supplying to whom. All data is cross-referenced according to individual retailer audit requirements, giving businesses assurance that the produce meets the compliance protocol of the end customer.

Automatic validation of data, which triggers alerts and notifications, ensures the supply chain remains approved at all times, whilst reducing the burden and risk of managing and maintaining the data manually.

Greenlight Supplier Approval, Muddy Boots’ managing director, Jonathan Evans, said: “Incidents like the horsemeat scandal expose the complexities of our supply chains, and even though you may have confidence in your internal operations, it’s often your suppliers that make you vulnerable. 

“Greenlight Supplier Approval offers a comprehensive but really easy way of managing your supplier compliance data; it puts you in control so you can have total confidence that your supply chain is always meeting the required standard.  This means you’ll be able to spend more time with your suppliers on value-added tasks.”

Greenlight Supplier Approval is part of the Greenlight network of solutions from Muddy Boots that manage all aspects of quality and compliance within the food vertical.