New tooth brushing system for under fives, Buddies, launches in UK

Buddies is a new brushing system designed specifically to appeal to children that dislike conventional toothpaste flavours, and for parents that struggle with teeth-cleaning time.

The Buddies range is made up of a dentist approved Buddies Toothpaste and Buddies Toothbrush, aimed at children between the ages of two to five. Unlike strong-flavoured or sickly sweet toothpastes, Buddies Toothpaste comes in two mild flavours designed specifically for young children: Apple Fresh and Hint of Mint.

Sian Ellingworth is the founder and MD of Buddies. She is a mum of two and studied dentistry before completing a degree in biochemistry. She said: “Teeth-cleaning was such a challenge for my two children. They found most mint toothpastes too strong in flavour and I was reluctant to give them the overly sweet children’s toothpaste currently available on the market. Crucially, brushing wasn’t fun, therefore they didn’t want to do it. Many parents will face the same battle so I hope that with our enjoyable toothpaste flavours and entertaining Buddies characters, Buddies can help their little ones find the fun in brushing again.”

Toothpaste is bucking the overall decline in the personal care category, with sales showing that the British public bought an extra 9.8m packs and spent an additional £7m in the category last year. Buddies looks to tap into this growth category and expand the children’s offering with its recent launch.

Buddies Toothpaste is available either in a pump dispenser, which delivers just the right amount of toothpaste onto any brush, or in a Buddies Toothpaste cartridge, exclusively for use in a Buddies re-chargeable electric toothbrush.

Buddies is one of the first rechargeable electric toothbrushes available in the UK for children under the age of 5. Not only does it effectively clean little teeth, but it also comes in two fun designs featuring the Buddies characters in their signature flavours: Hint of Mint and Apple Fresh. When loaded with a toothpaste cartridge, pushing down on the collar of the brush automatically dispenses just the right amount of toothpaste recommended for small children onto the bristles.

The charging base also lights up with a glow at the same time, so can be used as a night-light for children’s bedrooms.

Buddies Apple Fresh Toothpaste can be purchased via from November 2015. The range starts from just £4.99.