New Vype e-cigarette advertisement aims to demonstrate simplicity of vaping

Vype: vaping made simple debut on TV

Vype: vaping made simple debut on TV

Vype e-cigarettes is launching a new advertisement, ‘Vaping made simple’, which focuses on the device itself, the Vype ePen. The ad will air on terrestrial and satellite tv, and in cinema on 15 December. It leads on the simplicity of Vype ePen, a product claimed to combine the performance of a modular with the convenience of cartridges.

“For us, it’s all about the product. In Vype ePen we have a device that has been designed specifically for smokers and vapers looking for performance and simplicity, so they can focus on what matters –  enjoying vaping. This simple system enables vapers to switch flavours using our no-spill cartridges without any fuss,” said Elly Criticou, Nicoventures global brand head.

“Consumers told us that they were looking for simplicity and this is what led to our latest innovation, Vype ePen, with its easy to switch cartridges and the performance of a modular. We’re already seeing Vype ePen attracting a new generation of vapers which is good news for retailers. It’s also why we’ve carried the ‘vaping made simple’ message through the line into our in-store merchandising with a variety of executions,” said Nigel Hardy, Nicoventures head of UK and Europe.

The ad is being shown in a 20 second version which allows viewers to see  that switching flavour cartridges takes less than 10 seconds (actually 7.32 secs). The ad also shows the full Vype ePen range of flavours.

A longer version (49 secs) of the ad can be seen on, Vype’s Facebook page and Vype’s Youtube channel. As well as showing how easy it is to fit a cartridge, the ad displays the flavour range and presents the choice of five Vype ePen colours available. It also promotes the quality hallmark featured on the Vype ePen pack symbolising the rigorous stewardship programme that guarantees the quality of the Vype ePen vapour, the company said. The tv ad follows both the spirit and the letter of the e-cigarette advertising regulation.