New York Bakery Co. launches film shorts to celebrate authentic boil and bake bagels

New York Bakery Co. has today launched two short films that celebrate authentic boil and bake bagels in the face of advice from ‘that movie guy’ who thinks he knows best.

Free of superstar names or high production budgets, the first light-hearted film launched on social media last night and has already clocked up tens of thousands of views in a matter of hours.

The 60-80 second films, the second of which will follow later this week, introduces viewers to ‘that movie guy (sort of)’ infiltrating New York Bakery Co.’s offices. With talk of being more New York and making bagels ‘the right way,’ he makes employees an offer he thinks they can’t refuse.

But each time we see a mystified employee – who already makes bagels ‘the proper New York way’ –nod along in a polite manner before making a quick exit. After all, New York Bakery Co. is already authentic enough.

“Authenticity comes from a true understanding of New York bagels and the boiled and baked method. This is the only way to guarantee a real New York style chew,” explains Christina Honigfort from New York Bakery Co. “It’s how we’ve always done it and we don’t accept any imitations.

“Turning down our well-intentioned ‘movie guy’ and his bagel secrets both times may seem a bit extreme, but we don’t need the big New York star, we have the big New York taste.”  

The boil and bake method was championed by New York Bakery Co. founder and New York native, Broney Gadman, who wanted to share his love of American bagels made the authentic way. 

The method, which is still the backbone of the brand today, sees bagels shaped into rounds, then dropped in boiling water before being moved to stone-baked ovens for final baking. 

From The Original to Cinnamon & Raisin, the method guarantees true New York style bagels packed with the flavours of the city.