New YouBeep smartphone app aims to reduce checkout queues and increase basket spend


European retail innovator Xhockware is aiming to transform the UK retail shopping experience and British ‘queuing culture’ with its mobile YouBeep technology. A ground-breaking response to one of the biggest retail customer complaints globally – checkout delays, YouBeep is looking to reduce checkout queuing time by more than 70% for retailers.

YouBeep, is a patented smart phone app designed to shorten waiting lines at checkout, while increasing the basket size per customer by an average of 15%. Customers use their own smart phones to scan item bar codes as they shop, and it is claimed to be the first application to allow consumers to manage their entire shopping process. Aiming to revolutionise the grocery/supermarket and general merchandise shopping experience, YouBeep is reported to be already in discussions with a number of UK, US and European grocery retail multiples.

Marnette Perry at Kroger, the world’s largest grocery retailer once noted – “if we want to develop loyalty from our customers, we really have to respect their time and improve the checkout experience”.  YouBeep lives by this philosophy and is compatible with all existing checkout till systems, providing a unique, convenient, personalised customer shopping experience, adapted to retailers of all sizes. YouBeep is now expanding its remit to the UK.

Reducing store operating costs, increasing positive customer satisfaction scores, Xhockware provides customer purchasing data to retailers. No significant capital expenditure is required and YouBeep implementation can be achieved across 100 outlets within only six weeks. This patented solution also acts as a shopping list, offering instantly redeemable digital coupons and is compatible with all loyalty cards.

João Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO of Xhockware, said: “Retailers put the shopper, their desires, problems and expectations at the centre of their strategic growth plans. By solving one of their customers most persistent problems, YouBeep is enabling enhanced customer experience to be realised and consequent benefits to be reaped”.