Nicotine pouch brand, Velo, celebrates launch of recyclable cans with an art inspired event space, ‘Velo Art Factory’

Nicotine Pouch brand, Velo, celebrated the launch of its completely recyclable cans with an event space, ‘Velo Art Factory’, this month. The free event (R18. Nicotine users only) showcased the brand’s new packaging, marking the first step in Velo’s journey to a more sustainable future.  

The design led space encouraged attendees to create their own pieces of art as well as learn more about Velo, discovering its flavour portfolio and be educated on Velo’s sustainability journey. Reflecting the brand’s ambition towards a more sustainable future, Velo also ensured recyclable and sustainable materials were used throughout the activation wherever possible, from set-build to design.   

The launch of the new recyclable cans marks the beginning of Velo’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its products and a step towards a greener future. Velo’s future plans include; continuing to explore alternative packaging, cutting waste and working towards becoming carbon neutral.      

The creative event invited consumers to transform used and empty Velo cans into pieces of art with a ‘Trashpresso’ machine. The Trashpresso machine, marks a partnership with Miniwiz, a company that specialises in turning post-consumer waste into new materials. It allowed attendees to upcycle plastic waste from recycled Velo cans into unique typography and patterned printing blocks, that were used to create distinct pieces of art. 

In line with the launch of the new cans, Velo has also created a unique typeface – Velo Sans Recycled. Not missing an opportunity to recycle, reuse and reimagine, Velo’s new and unique font – Velo Sans Recycled, innovatively squeezes the alphabet from 26 letters to 19, by recycling and repurposing them as other letters. 

Ekaterina Katlenok, senior brand manager of Velo comments ‘We are extremely excited to launch the Velo Art Factory, as we wanted to provide an event that our audience will enjoy. The pop-up is a great way for Londoners to get creative in a sustainable way and we’re very proud to announce the launch of the recyclable Velo cans, which represent step one in our movement towards becoming a more sustainable brand.’  

The 3 day event taking place in the heart of London’s creative hub, Shoreditch, also had renowned street artist, Nerone, live painting in front of guests. Nerone was painting an original piece of artwork in front of spectators. The artist was also on hand to speak to guests about the inspiration behind his piece, that will be given away to a lucky competition winner.