Nissan drivers are the biggest customers at Aldi, Viant study reveals


A new study released today by Viant, a Time Inc. people-based advertising technology company,reveals new insights into the profile, purchase habits and behaviour of major car brand owners. The report analyses two million UK auto shoppers with a focus on key brands including BMW, Nissan and Ford owners.  This study leveraged Viant’s vast database of 24.5 million registered users along with key deterministic data partners and its people-based approach to unlock key insights.

The study paints a more complete picture of auto customer shopping habits, including how often and how much they spend across department stores, supermarkets, flights, hotels and the ever-increasing influence of social media platforms. Using these people-based insights, marketers have the tools to make better decisions about how to deliver the right ads, on the right device, at the right time.

Key findings from the report include:

  • The most popular vehicle brand with Millennials is Fiat
  • BMW drivers are the biggest retail spenders – BMW drivers also prefer high end stores – they’re 54% more likely to shop at John Lewis and 2.3 times more likely to shop in Selfridges than Ford drivers
  • Ford drivers spent £2,157 on flights over six months, with their preferred airline being Emirates
  • Nissan drivers are the biggest customer segment at Aldi – they are 12% more likely to shop here than BMW drivers and 8% more likely to do so than Ford drivers
  • Millennials are 18% more likely to drive hatchbacks like the Ford Fiesta or Ka than non-millennials
  • Airbnb has emerged as the top hotel brand for all vehicle customer groups when compared to leading franchises including Hilton, Holiday Inn and Marriott
  • On social media Ford drivers are most interested in cooking content, BMW drivers are attracted to sports and family life appeals to Nissan owners

Jon Schulz, CMO of Viant, said: “The vast volumes of customer data generated every day can be difficult for marketers to make sense of. This report goes further than simply identifying vehicle purchase history or brand website visitation, and drills into where auto shoppers fly, stay, shop and even what their interests are on social media. It gives auto marketers an edge by helping them cut through the noise and, ultimately, make better decisions.”