Northern European retailers experience live how RFID becomes a game changer with Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems, a world leader in availability and security solutions for merchandise, has opened an innovation centre for Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) in Terborg, the Netherlands. The aim is to make RFID more readily accessible to retailers in northern Europe, notably Benelux, the Nordics, the UK and Germany.

At Checkpoint Systems’ innovation centre, retailers have a chance to discover in person the impact of RFID on their logistical processes at every step of the chain. The innovation centre functions not only as a showroom but also shows retailers how the Check‑Net platform makes for optimal visibility of all labeling solutions during the entire production, shipping and invoicing processes. In addition, visitors can see with their own eyes innovations in the area of RFID: from the production of cutting-edge RFID labels through the development of printing machines to the software and scanners that make the retailer’s entire product flow visible.

Peter Hensgen, senior director at Checkpoint Systems, said: “During a visit we explain precisely how RFID is solving the logistics problems of the 40 retailers Checkpoint is in discussion with, proof of concept or partial deployment phase around the world. The technology is mature, rapid and affordable, and can easily be configured according to retailers’ own retail processes.”

Checkpoint Systems has a similar innovation centre for Southern Europe, in the surroundings of Barcelona.

James Wrigley, president and chief operating officer apparel labeling solutions at Checkpoint Systems, is proud of the new innovation centre: “Today’s Retail industry demands speed, quality, precision and brand protection. RFID enables retailers to optimise their business, manage inventory and increase sales due to visibility throughout their supply chain. This visibility makes Omni Channel retailing seamless and enables retailers to deliver a high quality of service and experience to all their consumers”.

The centre employs 45 people. It consists of a showroom and two production floors covering a total surface area of 2,600sq m.