Nursem launchesCaring Hand Sanitiser; it’s more effective than alcohol gels and as gentle as water on the skin

Nursem, the caring skincare brand developed with nurses, has launched its Caring Hand Sanitiser. After a process spanning over six years and £5,000,000 in investment, Nursem is proud to unveil a new, innovative formulation that is proven to be as effective as alcohol gels, but also cares for hands whilst it sanitises and is suitable for the most sensitive of skin. 

The Caring Hand Sanitiser is set to revolutionise the way UK sanitises, using the purest form of Hypochlorous – one of nature’s most effective antiviral substances. Hypochlorous can also be found within the human immune system, acting as a vital form of defence to protect the user against germs and infections, whilst being as gentle to skin as water. 

Developed with nurses to help combat the effects of relentless hand sanitising, this caring formula is clinically proven to be effective against 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria, without the drying effects of alcohol-based hand sanitisers. 

The breakthrough, efficacious formula sanitises and cares for hands in the following ways: 

  • Alcohol-Free Spray: Using an alcohol-free spray application, the product is suitable for sensitive skin and can be liberally applied onto hands and rubbed together, ensuring both hands and around the fingers are covered and left to dry naturally. 
  • Gentle, yet hardworking ingredients: The innovative product is made up of Hypochlorous Acid 0.15 ml/litre, water and salt. Hypochlorous is clinically proven to be as gentle on the skin as water whilst killing 99.99% of germs.
  • Kind to skin + planet: As well as being dermatologically tested and Consultant Dermatologist approved, the product is vegan, cruelty free, unfragranced, a topical skin antiseptic (perfect for family toiletries and first aid bags), has a neutral pH and is non-flammable.

The product can also be used as an effective surface disinfectant for cleansing everyday items, such as laptops, shopping trolleys and surfaces. 

Caring Hand Sanitiser (100ml) is available to purchase on for RRP £9.99. From July 12th it will also be available at SpaceNK online and in select stores.

As part of Nursem’s ongoing mission, the Nursem Promise, for every product sold, the brand will provide a month’s supply of hand care to an NHS nurse or midwife – in order to combat the negative effects of excessive hand washing and nourish, nurture and protect hard working hands. The pledge has helped over 251,000 nurses across the UK to date.

Co-Founder, Jonny Philp said; “Since March 2020, hand sanitiser has become an essential item that everyone across the country uses daily, and as a brand that champions being kind to skin, we’re absolutely thrilled to launch our new Caring Hand Sanitiser after six years in the making. Our formula is as gentle on the skin as water and whilst being alcohol-free, provides better protection than alcohol-based gels that can be rather drying to skin. We’re excited to hear what the UK thinks about our latest caring innovation, which will also be giving back to NHS staff for every product purchased, through the Nursem Promise.” 

Co-Founder and NHS nurse, Antonia Philp, “Being an NHS nurse, hand sanitiser has been part of my working day since I first qualified, but these days, every person across the UK can empathise with the importance of having a hard working yet caring sanitiser that nurtures skin. Being as gentle as water on the skin, we hope our Caring Hand Sanitiser helps soothe hardworking and active hands across the nation, whilst providing crucial protection.”

“As with our existing product range, we’re so pleased to be giving a month’s supply of Nursem for every product purchased, to an NHS nurse or midwife across the country.” 

Nursem is the Official Hand Sanitiser Partner of the Great Run Series which includes the Great North Run and Great South Run.