Oatibix unveils new pirate-inspired TV advert with brand expected to set sail in 2022

Oatibix, the oat-filled sibling of Weetabix, returns to the TV for the first time in over ten years with a tongue-in-cheek campaign to encourage Brits to start the day right with a bowl of oatily wholesomeness.

Airing from the 11th to 24th April, the TV advert is part of a wider £2m marketing investment also including on-demand, social, digital and shopper marketing. The activity is expected to introduce Oatibix to 600,000 new households this year, with ambitions to grow the brand by over 30% by 2023.

Incorporating a light-hearted pirate theme, the film playfully points to the benefits of Oatibix, as a shipmates’ final plea for a bowl of Oatibix miraculously saves him from walking the plank. With the pirates suddenly stranded on an island, the ad signs off with the iconic ‘Have you had yours?’ line.

The advert follows the recent brand refresh with Oatibix unveiling new packaging and a recipe reformulation for the Original biscuits in February. The Oatibix packs now come in a striking and category-unique green, with its trusted nutritional credentials and no red traffic lights clearly positioned on the pack.

Gareth Turner, Head of Marketing at Weetabix, said: “The ‘natural and wholesome’ segment of cereals has continued to grow in the past year, so it’s been the perfect time to give some love to Oatibix. Shoppers are already loving Oatibix’s new look and crisper and lighter taste, and the new, playfully pirate-themed TV advert showcases the fun nature of Weetabix‘s oat-filled sibling.

“Alongside the refreshed pack designs and delicious new flavours, this is a major investment into the Oatibix brand, so it’s a product to look out for in 2022. As the whole Oatibix range is HFSS-compliant, we will be putting our full support behind the relaunch – raising awareness of the Oatibix brand and driving sales in the months ahead.”  

Oatibix recently launched Oatibix Flakes Nutty Crunch – a healthy yet delicious and HFSS-compliant addition to the range. The 100% wholegrain Nutty Crunch is packed with honeycomb pieces, honey-coated corn flakes and caramelised nuts.