Ocado launches largest vegan range ever for January 2018


As Brits are increasingly looking to reduce their meat consumption, Ocado is launching the largest vegan range of any UK supermarket – helping consumers to enjoy vegan foods as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

From indulgent dairy-free ice cream to handy vegan ingredients, Ocado has added more than 90 new high-quality meat-free products to its vegan range that don’t compromise on taste or texture.

To explore the full range of vegan products, visit the Ocado Vegan Webshop.

Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free Peanut Butter & Cookies Ice Cream 500ml  – £5.99 from ocado.com

The one we have all been waiting for, this non dairy ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s is the perfect comfort food this January. Kick back with a tub and enjoy the multitude of swirls, crunchy peanut butter and succulent cookies.

Ocado 6 Vegetable Quarter Pounders 680g – £2.63 from ocado.com

There’s nothing better than biting into a big, juicy burger and these crispy quarter pounders, made with mixed seasoned vegetables in a golden breadcrumb coating, provide the perfect taste in every bite.

Golfera Vegan Organic Wheat, Beetroot & Elderberry Slices 80g – £2.99 from ocado.com

High protein and a great source of fibre, Golfera meat replacers are ideal for sandwiches, salads and snacks throughout the day.

Free and Easy Dairy Free Egg Replacer 135g  – £2.29 from ocado.com

Free and Easy is a whole egg replacer that can be used to make scrambled eggs, omelettes, quiches or any baked goods. 100% plant-based to make all your favourite dishes.

Co Fro Matcha Frozen Dairy Free Coconut Yoghurt 500ml – £5.29 from ocado.com

For those who like their ice cream creamy, without the dairy, this co-yo is perfect. Naturally occurring sugars and natural ingredients, feel good as you tuck into this tasty dessert, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Marigold Engevita with Added B12 Yeast Flakes 125g – £3.05 from ocado.com

A gluten-free, vegan food with a cheesy, nutty taste, made from primary inactive yeast. Simply sprinkle on soups, stews, casseroles, toppings, salads and breakfast cereals to enhance flavour.

Tofurky Original Kielbasa Sausage – £3.99 from ocado.com

No meat, no problem, with this peppery Polish-style sausage with plenty of onion and garlic from Tofurky. The perfect accompaniment to potatoes, red cabbage or sauerkraut. Grill or BBQ for a high protein, tasty and flavour filled kick.

Mr Organic Egg Free & Organic Mayo 180g – £2.40 from ocado.com

An egg-free option to mayo that delivers all the same smooth creamy texture, without any artificial ingredients, trans fats or preservatives. Spread on sandwiches or add to salads for a light and tasty dish. Winner of the 2017 PETA Food Award for ‘Best Egg Free Mayo’.