Ocado Technology launches guerrilla recruitment campaign to attract top tech talent

Ocado Technology, the technology division that powers the world’s largest online only grocery retailer ocado.com, has launched a targeted recruitment drive to tempt technology experts from London’s most high profile firms.

Employees in the technology divisions of companies such as UBS, Skype and Amazon arrived at work last week to see a series of targeted clean job advertisements on the doorsteps of their offices, inviting them to apply for a position at Ocado Technology.

Applied overnight using a high powered water jet and a series of stencils, the “clean” job adverts feature comments such as “Fed up of being a drone? Try programming one instead” and “Allowed to pitch ideas to your CEO? Then implement code in 2 hours? Thought not.”

Designers, software engineers and technicians are being offered the opportunity to revolutionise the way people shop by working on game-changing technology such as robotics, machine learning and 3D simulation. Based in Hatfield, potential recruits will have the opportunity to join various teams including the analytics and optimisation, business support systems and Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) simulation teams.

Potential recruits were also invited to an Ocado Technology recruitment pop-up at Leather Lane market during their lunch break to find out more about the division and how to apply for roles.

Paul Clarke, director of technology, Ocado, said: “When most people think of Ocado, they think of the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer, not realising we’re a technology firm at heart which is transforming an entire industry.

“Ocado Technology, the engine room of the business, is a really stimulating and innovative place to work, which is why we have gone to the doorsteps of the best companies in the capital to recruit the brightest tech minds.

“We are offering the opportunity to work on some game-changing technological projects such as developing robotics and 3D vision systems, to name just a few. The bottom line is our employees are able to make a real difference by writing code and having it approved and uploaded within a couple of hours, rather than months.”

For more information on the opportunities available, visit www.OcadoTechnologyJobs.com