Ocean Bottle launches first D2C campaign with Econfession


Ocean Bottle as teamed up with award winning marketing agency Drum to launch its latest digital campaign: ‘Econfessions Of Ocean Bottle’. Econfessions will run across social channels, using humour to create relatable content to make it clear no one is perfect when it comes to doing right by the planet and the ocean, but little changes make a big impact. Econfession empowers people to understand that confessing imperfection is the first small step towards making a big impact. 

The campaign focuses predominantly on user generated content, through the Econfession Challenge, which Ocean Bottle will kick off with a quirky animation piece “econfessing up” to its own not so eco-friendly habits, with the key talent collaborating on the campaign following suit to ask  the public to come clean on their most shocking sustainability confession. For every social post that uses the hashtag #econfession, Ocean Bottle will stop x10 plastic bottles from entering our ocean, in partnership with Plastic Bank. 

Ocean Bottle said it is thrilled to work with the talents from animator/director ‘Parallel Teeth’, sound design artist ‘Skillbard’ and animation studio ‘Strange Beasts’ to bring their AV piece to life. 

Ocean Bottle’s investment into TikTok is part of an initiative to appeal to a broader audience, working with talent including TikTok sensation Ehiz (TikTok following over 10million), and Tega Alexander, Maddy Lucy Dann among others, to collectively highlight how making small sustainable choices can be accessible for everyone. TikTok are supporting the campaign by boosting on the discovery feed on the 20th August, as part of their TikTok For Good initiative.

Hero talent will take to TikTok and Instagram to explain in a ‘talking head’ style video how Ocean Bottle is challenging them to confess aloud their not so environmentally friendly habits, before calling on their followers to do the same. Ocean Bottle will then repurpose the #econfession content through guerilla marketing in central London. 

Econfession forms part of Ocean Bottle’s wider mission to tackle the plastic problem, by funding the collection of 1,000 bottles worth of ocean-bound plastic waste with the sale of each and every bottle, as well as empowering collectors in coastal communities to access money, healthcare, education, tech and microfinance in exchange for the plastic collected. 

Ocean Bottle founder & co-CEO Nick Doman said: “It is now estimated that ocean plastic will quadruple by 2040, and that over 75% of this will come from uncollected plastic waste. Plastic pollution is causing catastrophic effects not only on our ocean but also on local waterways and communities.  This is why launching our first brand campaign Econfession is so necessary, to acknowledge our not-so eco-friendly habits as a first step to doing better, so everyone can be part of the solution.

“We recently conducted a survey that revealed that while half of the UK think they can personally make a difference to the ocean plastic problem, 88% of Brits admitted they face challenges when trying to make a positive environmental impact.”