Ocean Bottle raises 10 times kickstarter target for new 1-litre bottle launch

Ocean Bottle is thrilled to announce it has now raised 10 times its initial 10k target, with the latest figure of funds raised now coming in at over £115,000.

Incredibly, this target was met in the first week -showing consumer backing in the brand and more widely an evidence in consumers becoming more eco-conscious and an affiliation with brands that have sustainability at their heart.

Ocean Bottle is launching a larger bottle to respond to consumer feedback for a bigger size to keep hydration levels throughout the day, whilst also being a bottle with purpose, that is kinder on the environment.  

Ocean Bottle’s mission is to fund the collection of 1,000 bottles worth of ocean-bound plastic waste with the sale of each and every bottle, as well as empowering collectors in coastal communities to access money, healthcare, education, tech and microfinance in exchange for the plastic collected.

Over 2 million kgs of ocean-bound plastic has been collected by Ocean Bottle so far, and the brand hopes to collect a substantial amount more through the support of the Kickstarter campaign.