Odysea launches organic Kefir and two new yogurts

Greek fine food producers, Odysea, has announced three exciting new dairy products launching in Abel & Cole from the end of February, adding to its extensive range of authentic Greek and Mediterranean products. 

The first is an Organic Kefir made in Greece using fresh, organic goat’s milk. The Kefir is authentically tart, with a luscious texture and creamy taste. Kefir is full of probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria which aids digestion, reduces inflammation within the digestive system and is effective in creating a healthy gut. 

The two traditional Greek yogurts – one made with organic sheep’s milk and the other with organic goat’s milk – are both as beneficial toyour digestive health as Odysea’s Kefir. The Organic Sheep’s Milk Yogurt is delectably thick, with a typical Greek yogurt tang, it boasts a layer of clotted yoghurt at the top – a true sign of a natural, non-homogenised yoghurt.

The Organic Goat’s Milk Yogurt also features the telling clotted top and has a similarly tangy flavor with a luxuriously smooth and velvety texture. It makes a great accompaniment to fresh fruit for breakfast or on its own as a snack. 

All three new products from Odysea are made in a traditional dairy using organic Greek milk. The dairy, which is made up of a small cooperative of just 12 members, is located at the foot of Menikio mountain, in the Drama region of northern Greece. 

This small dairy is committed to high animal welfare standards and cultivates their own organic seeds and greens to feed their herds. The sheep and goats are free to eat as much as they want, they spend plenty of time outside and are even kept cool during the hot summer months with a fan mist system.