Odysea launches two newly updated Greek extra virgin olive oils


This month, artisan Greek food brand Odysea will launch two newly updated olive oils – Odysea Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Chania 500ml, and Odysea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Chania 500ml – into Sainsbury’s for the first time.

Odysea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PGI Chania 500ml is produced exclusively from Koroneiki olives in the Chania region of northern Crete – an area globally acclaimed for its production of top-quality olive oil, and as such has been awarded EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. The oil is extracted cold, within hours of the olives being harvested to ensure it retains its rich aroma and high nutrient value. It has a distinctive flavour with notes of grass and a mild, peppery finish.

The Odysea Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PGI Chania 500ml not only boasts all the quality and flavour of the region, but additionally is created with olives that are cultivated exclusively using traditional growing methods, without chemical fertilisers of any kind.

Panos Manuelides, founder of Odysea, said: “We are delighted that Sainsbury’s will be stocking our fantastic oils. The olives used in both oils are full of flavour and nutrients, while their PGI status offers shoppers the added bonus of knowing exactly where the olives are grown – something that has strong appeal to customers wanting to understand the provenance of the products they buy. Our organic oil offers all these benefits, plus the fact that it is grown and processed without the use of any artificial chemicals to make a premium olive oil to give shoppers a true choice.”

Odysea prides itself in sourcing high-quality, authentic products from Greece and the Eastern Meditteranean to offer consumers a wide spectrum of traditional and contemporary flavours from this exceptional cuisine. The brand has nurtured relationships with Greek artisan producers since 1991 when founder Panos Manuelides first brought authentic Greek olives to the UK – selling them from a stall in London’s Portobello Road. More recently in 2016 and again working with Waitrose, the brand launched the UK’s first Saganaki cheese available to UK consumers en mass through a supermarket retailer.