Old El Paso announces improved and more authentic nachos


Leading Mexican brand Old El Paso, with over 55% value share[1], has announced an update to the ingredients and production process of its Tortilla Chips range to bring them closer to traditional methods and ingredients to create a better texture and taste for consumers.

The ingredients list has been substantially improved on both the Nacho Dinner Kit and Nachips with the corn flour being removed and replaced with whole corn kernels – a more premium and authentic ingredient. Tortilla chips were originally created using whole corn kernels and only a few types of corn can be used for products using this method. As part of the update to these products, Original Tortilla Chips, Salted and Chili – will move from 200g to 185g per pack while the Nacho Dinner Kit will remain unchanged.

The production process for the Tortilla Chips and Nachips has also been revamped and now includes new steps including kettle cooking and soaking of the whole corn kernels to produce a product with a stronger corn taste and a crunchier texture. These changes to ingredients and production processes affirms the Old El Paso commitment to quality and authenticity that characterise its product range.

These refreshed products will also be supported with new packaging, designed to signpost the product updates and enhance in-store visibility. The distinctive bright yellow pack designs of Old El Paso will now feature a crunchy sub-name and the preservative free communication, all housed in a larger pack size to ensure better stand out on-shelf. While the packs are bigger, the case width goes unchanged so the update will not affect shelf layout. Old El Paso is uniquely positioned in terms of brand recognition, with a large existing customer base and enjoys strong consumer brand loyalty, meaning its signature yellow boxes act as a signpost for the world foods category in-store.

Lindsay Hill, marketing manager for Old El Paso at General Mills UK, said: “We are excited to be leading the way with these more authentic and tastier updates to Old El Paso nachos and tortilla chips. The brand has recently secured 33.8% penetration in the UK[2] and we aim to continually review and improve our products, processes and packaging to ensure we are bringing a product range to market that is well aligned with the quality that consumers expect of the brand name.”

Mexican cuisine continues to be very much on trend in 2017 and Out-of-home consumption of Mexican cuisine has also increased significantly in recent years, highlighting the consumer interest and in turn fuelling a desire to recreate the Mexican experience in home[3]. This has given manufacturers the freedom to develop and expand on their Mexican offering, explore new recipes and formats to fulfil the needs of the breadth of consumers now interested in this sector.