Olivia’s Haven debuts limited edition cocktail candle collection

“Cocktails make me happy! I just love a night out with the girls, so to celebrate good times I created our first limited edition collection with scents inspired by a selection of our top rated cocktails.”

Olivia Burns

Olivia’s Haven is introducing a limited edition cocktail candle collection based on three favourite drinks:

Espresso Martini is Olivia’s after-dinner cocktail of choice. Olivia created this scent to remind her of those nights that she didn’t want to end, using notes of freshly brewed espresso blended with vodka, sweet coffee liqueur and a hint of caramel. 

Peach Bellini is Olivia’s celebration cocktail and a Venetian icon. Olivia created this scent to mark special moments through the years, using fruity notes of juicy peach, Prosecco and a dash of lemon. 

Ginger Fizz, so refreshing, it’s Olivia’s go-to daytime summer cocktail. Olivia created this scent to transport her to sunny days out with friends, using crisp notes of sparkling ginger, gin and a splash of zesty lime. 

Launching 17th May 2022

Olivia’s Haven RRPs:

Candles are available from £29.

Reed Diffusers are available from £32.

Wax Melts are available from £10.