Omega Pharma launches Rapidol Express by Zantac

New Rapidol Express by Zantac is the fastest heartburn and indigestion treatment available, getting to work in less than two minutes and lasting for up to four hours.

With Rapidol Express chewable tablets, the trusted Zantac range now addresses a core consumer need for a fast acting solution, whist the existing Zantac 75 product will continue to offer patients long lasting relief. The dual portfolio means customers no longer need to compromise.

Available from February, the peppermint flavoured, sugar free Rapidol Express will provide the fastest relief available,1 making it the ‘on-the-go’ choice for adults and children over 12 years, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Containing Phycodol, a proprietary compound made of a high quality extract from brown algae, Rapidol Express formulates a protective barrier on top of the stomach to help control acid reflux, relieving the pain and discomfort of heartburn and indigestion.

The prevalence of heartburn and acid reflux incidents has risen nearly 50% over the last decade and this new launch signals a significant opportunity for pharmacists.

“Whether consumers are looking for immediate relief or long lasting support for up to 12 hours, the Zantac range has it covered,” said Myriam Mizouni, Zantac brand manager. “The gastrointestinal category has had limited innovation in recent years and the arrival of Rapidol Express will provide pharmacy teams with a proven treatment that offers the fastest symptomatic relief.”1

Rapidol Express complements the existing Zantac 75 product which contains ranitidine, an H2 blocker. Zantac 75 gets to work quickly to prevent the body from producing excess stomach acid for up to 12 hour symptom relief.

“Zantac 75 has been relieving gastrointestinal symptoms for more than 30 years,” said Myriam. “Heartburn and indigestion can affect anyone at any time and by expanding the range we are giving customers added flexibility to choose the product that best meets their needs.”

A high profile, £2m marketing campaign will support the launch, with a new TV execution airing on prime time channels. Pharmacists and counter assistants will be offered innovative gastrointestinal training materials covering both the category and the Zantac range to refresh their knowledge and help them make informed decisions which best suit the customer’s needs. Bespoke POS materials will also be available to signpost the category instore.

Rapidol Express by Zantac is available in packs of 10 (RRP £2.49) and 20 (£4.49) tablets in all major pharmacy and grocery retailers instore and online. To request your training or POS materials please contact 020 3598 9604 or