One Digital Signage and Nexus partner to create COVID solutions in the workplace


Infection prevention and control in the workplace is more predominant than ever before. As businesses start to open their doors post COVID-19 they will need to follow stringent guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees by providing a safe workplace that follows adequate infection prevention procedures and quality assured equipment and training. COVID-19 has had a profound effect on mental health and for employees returning to work, meticulous infection prevention procedures will be integral to dissipating the psychological effect of post Covid-19 anxiety within their workplace environment and contact interaction with colleagues.

One Digital Signage and Nexus have partnered to create an end-to-end infection control programme to help businesses ensure their facilities are safe for people to return to work. The antimicrobial technology and applications that form part of the EnviroSmart programme has already been used by a myriad of businesses including The London Transport Network and in over 300 department stores in the UK including Fenwicks, Harrods and House of Fraser.

The programme includes application of the patented antimicrobial treatment which applies a permanent mono-molecular protective layer to the treated surface, which prevents cross contamination to hands from touched surfaces. By creating a protective barrier between surfaces and hands this is the first line of defence in mitigating the risk of acquired infection from frequently touched surfaces.  The second line of defence, creating a double barrier of protection is the implementation of Germfree24™ Hand sanitiser and protectant, provided by One Digital’s smart hand washing stations. 

The programme also includes engagement with HR and FM departments to address the psychological impact on staff post Covid-19 and to provide reassurance to them that the organisation has taken measures to ensure a safer working environment to include environmental employee wellness and to address social distancing measures, access and way-finding routes and air quality monitoring. 

The EnviroSmart programme will be an integral tool for ensuring businesses keep their staff safe in the coming weeks and months and businesses that have already used the system have reported positive outcomes. There were no traces of SARS-CoV2 virus detected on surfaces or in the air on London Underground or the city’s buses after Imperial College London experts carried out tests last month and it is the second successful validation of the antimicrobial treatment performance  and quality safety standards for travellers. An international insurance company with a 100-seat call centre reported a 50% reduction in absenteeism due to illness having used the programme. 

Retail stores are seeing the benefits of the new system and luxury brand LVMH has recently embarked on a national programme covering over 300 of its department stores. As part of its post-lockdown refurbishment, the Envirosmart™ programme was implemented, including full decontamination and antimicrobial protection of all surfaces. The tester items were disinfected and safely disposed of and the antimicrobial surface treatment applied to sales counters, display cases, POS registers, payment card readers and any frequent touch points. 

The Nexus and One Digital team had just 14 days under store lockdown conditions to treat all surfaces with antimicrobial protection and implement the 24-hour hand protection and surface clean and protect programme for staff. The programme was successfully completed across Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Fresh Cosmetics within Harrods, House of Fraser, Selfridges, Debenhams, John Lewis, Browns and Co, Jenners, Harvey Nichols, Fenwick and Hoopers brand concessions.

For Nexus and One Digital Signage, Envirosmart is the future of environmental hygiene and infection prevention. Nexus’ Michael Rollins says: “Good hygiene and infection protection in the workplace is about embedding new behaviour, good practices and sustained compliance. This is achieved by the identification and raising of awareness of touch points, the frequency of cleaning touch points and moments of hand hygiene through washing as well as the use of sanitiser for extended hand protection.

“Social distancing, hand hygiene practises and competency, cough and sneeze etiquette, waste disposal and handling controls are all critical things to also address and consider,” he adds.

One Digital Signage is really excited to be working with Nexus on the worthwhile project, which it says is a “gamechanger” for infection control in the workplace. Group sales director Nathan Murphy says: “As we move into the new norm the challenge facing retailers is how they give confidence back to customers so they return in the number previously experienced, with our smart dispensers and using the digital screen we are able not only to encouraged shoppers to sanitise their hands but also showcase the process that has been completed prior to reopening in smart advertising content which highlights the steps taken to make their establishment ‘building safe’.”